Consensys launches alpha version of Linea mainnet Consensys launches alpha version of Linea mainnet

Consensys launches alpha version of Linea mainnet

The release will allow for faster and less expensive transactions via zkEVM rollups.

Consensys launches alpha version of Linea mainnet

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Blockchain development firm Consensys announced the launch of the alpha version of its Linea mainnet in a July 11 press release.

The Linea network provides zkEVM rollups on top of Ethereum, allowing developers to build blockchain applications with faster transaction times and lower costs.

Consensys founder and CEO Joe Lubin said:

“Ethereum [layer 2 networks] are set to play a crucial role in making great advances in scalability and usability. Linea’s zkEVM is the catalyst we’ve been waiting for to empower developers to shape the future of decentralized applications and encourage the builder in everyone.”

The launch follows a successful testnet phase in which 5.5 million unique wallets carried out over 46 million transactions in a span of three months. Consensys said this makes Linea one of the most active projects on Ethereum’s Goerli testnet.

Linea’s alpha mainnet stage introduces an improved user experience and an ecosystem of over 100 protocols, partners, and decentralized applications.

The mainnet alpha release also ushers in several significant upgrades, including a new outer-proof system, a dynamic fee mechanism, and batch conflation, all of which will allow Linea to provide transaction costs up to 15 times cheaper than Ethereum’s base layer. The launch is expected to reduce friction for developers and enhance onboarding with fast finality, capital efficient bridge, and inherited Ethereum security.

Linea will initially be opened to the project’s testnet partners. Later, it will be opened to the public during the EthCC conference between July 17 and 20.

Linea is part of Consensys’ broader efforts

Alongside the Linea Mainnet Alpha launch, Consensys also revealed the Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance (EIA) — an initiative backed by over 30 leading venture capital firms that aims to support builders by providing funding and resources.

Consensys’ MetaMask wallet will also add support for Linea. Users will be able to access Linea through MetaMask Portfolio and Metamaks’s Bridge, Swap, and Buy features in the coming weeks. The Linea team will also launch an NFT collection on July 18.

Consensys is one of the most notable Ethereum development firms. In addition to the Linea network and its popular Metamask wallet, it also provides the Infura gateway and enterprise Ethereum chain Quorum, among other services.

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