Human Protocol

Collaboration at a global scale

Human Protocol Background

Connecting Global Talent with Projects
HUMAN Protocol serves as a bridge, linking projects with millions of respondents worldwide. It doesn’t just offer a platform for global Q&A sessions but also leverages blockchain technology to authenticate, document, and compensate every single contribution.

Applications in Today’s Market
As of now, its impact can be witnessed in data-labeling sectors. Additionally, it supports human-verification processes, notably through its Proof of HUMANity initiative. This specific solution fortifies DApps by ensuring robust bot protection.

The Road Ahead
While its current applications are noteworthy, they merely scratch the surface. The protocol is setting the stage for a transformative approach to work. It accentuates the future potential of validating human contributions directly on-chain and seamlessly rewarding them via an automated system.

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Human Protocol Team

Human Protocol
Alex Newman

Protocol Designer

Human Protocol
Andreas Schemm

Ecosystem and Operations Director

Human Protocol
Jalal Hannan

Solutions Architect

Human Protocol
Maxime Sebti

Growth Director

Human Protocol
Adrian Portugues

Solutions Architect

Human Protocol
Sergey Dzeranov

Senior Software Engineer

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