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Secure interoperability later for Web3

deBridge Background

deBridge is on a mission to securely unite every blockchain and bring seamless interoperability to Web3. Since launching its cross-chain DEX, deSwap, deBridge has built a go-to generic messaging infrastructure and a suite of solutions enabling Web3 teams to build powerful cross-chain applications across DeFi, NFTs, Metaverses, GameFi, and more.

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deBridge Applications


  • Decentralized cross-chain swaps between arbitrary assets in a single transaction


  • Comprehensive analytics and data about all transactions passing through the deBridge protocol


  • Transfer any arbitrary asset through the deBridge infrastructure to receive wrapped (deAsset) on all other chains

deSwap API

  • Enable seamless cross-chain swaps in any app or protocol with our battle-tested API.


  • Send, track and claim arbitrary cross-chain messages using a framework-agnostic SDK.

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