DeBridge launch trading infrastructure product without liquidity pool DeBridge launch trading infrastructure product without liquidity pool

DeBridge launch trading infrastructure product without liquidity pool

DeBridge's DLN API is asset-agnostic, meaning users can send any crypto asset across the trading infrastructure.

DeBridge launch trading infrastructure product without liquidity pool

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Cross-chain infrastructure developer deBridge has launched deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN) API — a trading infrastructure designed to enable high-performance interoperability without a liquidity pool.

According to a press statement shared with CryptoSlate, the DLN API is built on the deBridge cross-chain messaging layer and enables a new level of improved speed, scalability, and user experience.

DLN eliminates the need for liquidity pools for cross-chain transfers. This way, any protocol or decentralized application can offer an almost instant native cross-chain trading of any amount without slippage.

By not using liquidity pools, the new API promises deep, liquid interoperability with Maximal extractable value (MEV) protection. The deep liquidity comes from the fact that DLN efficiently draws liquidity from the whole DeFi market instead of just one liquidity pool.

DLN API also removes the risks and limitations of liquidity pools. This is especially important considering how liquidity pools and cross-chain bridge vulnerabilities have caused more than $2 billion in losses for DeFi protocols.

Additionally, it also promises faster and more capital-efficient trades. Transactions with DLN would be settled in seconds or minutes, and users don’t have to pay automated market makers or lose capital to MEV bots.

“DLN zero-TVL creates the first sustainable mechanism for cross-chain liquidity trading by enabling value accrual without the need to continuously distribute any liquidity mining rewards.”

According to deBridge’s website, any project can integrate with its DLN using the live API or interacting directly with the smart contract. It also noted that “DLN is completely asset-agnostic, meaning that you can place an order giving wBTC or FTT, or any other asset.”

This new tool is the latest in the line of products from deBridge, focusing on helping DeFi applications scale faster with better capital efficiency. DeBridge Finance has already built several solutions like deSwap, deNFT, and dePort to help users’ experience.

DLN currently supports Arbitrum (ARB), Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain, Polygon (MATIC), and Avalanche (AVAX).

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