Regulated crypto exchange Background

We are on a mission to make the world of finance more accessible, engaging and useful.

With an intense focus on simplicity, ease of use, speed and power โ€“ we aim to develop the best trading service on the market. We are a fintech company with deep expertise in trading, markets, blockchain, technology, customer centricity and financial regulation.

Currently live in private beta to VIP blockchain experts in 4 languages English, Chinese, Russian and South Korean, we provide great customer service to accompany our intelligent financial content, broad range of education and a wide range of markets for our clients to trade. Currency Com Bel is authorised and regulated by the High Technology Park in Belarus. Currency Com Gib is applying for a license under the DLT regulations in Gibraltar.

Experienced, talented and knowledgeable, our team works to innovate in the world of finance and customer-centricity. We do the hard work to make complicated subjects easier to understand and complex tasks effortless to achieve.

We are always looking for like-minded people and are ready to seize the opportunity to cooperate with leaders in the financial ecosystem โ€“ Universities, Technology Partners, Innovators, Regulators or Complementary Businesses. News Video

Supported Cryptocurrencies Team Headquarters

6 Bayside Road, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

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