What is Coinmine?

Coinmine is the manufacturer of the Coinmine One — the first all-in-one crypto device that is made for use by everyone. No expertise required. Setup from any iOS or Android device, and can run anywhere with a wifi connection.

Coinmine Services

  • Earn 6.5% APR on the crypto in your wallet. By keeping the crypto your Coinmine is making in your Coinmine wallet, you’ll earn interest on your crypto. Rates start at 6.5% APR.
  • Your lightning network sidekick. The world of Bitcoin and Lightning is young. It will grow beyond our imagination- and Coinmine is built to be ready for whatever Lightning throws at us.
  • Unlock existing lightning apps. We know you will love the Lightning experience within the Coinmine app. But you will be able to use other existing Lightning apps like the following

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1116 Cory Ave, Los Angeles, California US

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