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Cboe Global Markets Background

Cboe Global Markets is a leading global exchange operator and provider of financial market solutions. It operates multiple exchanges, including options, equities, futures, and foreign exchange markets. Cboe’s platforms facilitate trading and provide market data and related services to a wide range of market participants, including institutional investors, individual traders, and broker-dealers.

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Cboe Global Markets Services

  1. Options Exchange: Cboe Options Exchange is one of the largest options exchanges globally, offering trading in a diverse range of options contracts on various underlying securities, including equities, ETFs, indexes, and more. It is known for its innovative product offerings, such as index options and volatility products like VIX options.
  2. Equities Exchange: Cboe’s equities exchanges, including the BZX Exchange, provide trading services for listed equities. They offer a transparent and efficient marketplace for trading stocks listed on major U.S. exchanges.
  3. Futures Exchange: Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) provides trading in futures contracts on various underlying assets, including equity indexes, VIX futures (based on market volatility), and other products. CFE is known for its VIX futures and options, which allow investors to hedge or speculate on market volatility.
  4. Global FX Market: Cboe FX (formerly Hotspot FX) is a leading institutional foreign exchange trading platform. It offers electronic trading and deep liquidity in major currency pairs, catering to banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and other institutional clients.
  5. Market Data and Technology Solutions: Cboe provides comprehensive market data, analytics, and trading technology solutions to market participants. Their market data feeds offer real-time and historical market information, while their technology solutions help customers access and trade on Cboe’s platforms efficiently.

Cboe Global Markets Team

Cboe Global Markets
Ed Tilly

Chairman and CEO

Cboe Global Markets
David Howson

EVP, Global President

Cboe Global Markets
Chris Isaacson


Cboe Global Markets
Brian Schell

EVP, CFO, Treasurer

Cboe Global Markets
Catherine Clay

EVP, Global Digital and Data Solutions

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