DAPS is a cryptocurrency designed for corporate entities, traders, and individuals to have the autonomy to transactions business freely around the world safely and securely without the exposure to malicious actors that threaten financial transactions through traceability. DAPS will use the best available privacy features in combination with an on-chain solution to the "Trust Problem"​ in cryptocurrency.

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DAPS Price Chart

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DAPS Coin Details

Market Cap $2,757,099
Reported Volume 24H

Reported Volume calculates volume from all exchanges with market pairs, but due to factors such as wash trading, it is considered an unreliable metric.

Circulating Supply 52,586,828,002 DAPS
Total Supply 60,000,000,000 DAPS
First Announced February 28, 2018

DAPS Coin Technical Details

Blockchain Own Blockchain
Block Time 1 minute

DAPS Coin Features

  • Proof-Of-Audit – Our unique on-chain solution to the trust problem of private crypto networks.
  • RingCT – Implement the world’s leading privacy protocol, and enable all features since Trust issue will be addressed.
  • PoSv3 – Fair and energy-efficient, prevents rich from getting richer.
  • Masternodes – use 24/7 online collateralized nodes to augment chain and work as service nodes.
  • Multinodes – More than 1 Masternode per instance.
  • Stealth Addresses – Mandatory stealth address with optional public address system, allowing users to optionally track publicized spending.
  • Cross-chain liquidity – A future focus on atomic swaps and innovative cross-chain liquidity solutions.
  • DAPS Ecosystem & World – Remittance solutions, a full scale Freelancer-meets-GoFundMe project, and other initiatives will be undertaken, to spread DAPS with real usage.

DAPS Network & Signals

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DAPS Coin Team

Adel de Meyer
Adel de Meyer

Co-founder and Head of Operations

Andrew Huntley
Andrew Huntley

Chief Technical Officer

Charley van Laar
Charley van Laar

Senior Manager

Anestis Finstad
Anestis Finstad

DAPS Web Developer - Management

Justin Da Silva
Justin Da Silva

DAPS Junior Developer - Researcher

Marius Großhans
Marius Großhans

DAPS Community - International

Alexander Robnett
Alexander Robnett

DAPS Council and Advisor