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  • Price $0.00285
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  • 24H Change -1.53%
  • 7 Day Change -4.98%

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BlackFort Exchange Network Info

BlackFort presents an innovative blockchain platform that embodies the essential qualities required for a top-tier blockchain. Positioned as a Layer 1 blockchain, it boasts EVM compatibility, speed, scalability, security, and efficiency, along with POSA functionality that allows for easy delegation. Transparency is a core tenet of BlackFort, ensuring all transaction participants have the necessary information for a secure experience. These features collectively position BlackFort as an optimal choice for those seeking to develop blockchain-based solutions.

The BlackFort Exchange Network introduces smartchain technology, revolutionizing the secure and efficient management of digital assets. Through smartchains, users can securely and swiftly transfer digital assets among multiple parties while maintaining transparency. Smartchains also facilitate smart contracts, enabling the automation of intricate transactions and interactions. This technology holds the potential to unlock new opportunities within the global economy.

BXN serves as the native on-chain utility token for various purposes, including transaction processing fees and data storage, as well as running validator nodes through staking BXN NODE-NFT tokens.

Principles of BlackFort BXN:

  • Standalone and Unique Blockchain: BXN is designed as a standalone blockchain, distinct from layer-2 solutions, to complement existing blockchains and enable interoperability.
  • EVM Compatibility: By aligning with Ethereum’s EVM, BXN ensures compatibility with Ethereum’s ecosystem, applications, and tools, requiring minimal adjustments for seamless integration.
  • Staking for Consensus and Governance: Staking-based consensus enhances environmental sustainability, community governance, and network performance, offering advantages over proof-of-work blockchains.

Blocktime and Halving Period:

  • Block Creation: Each block represents a set of transactions to be verified and validated, with block rewards distributed every 5 seconds.
  • Yearly Halving Period: Approximately every 6,000,000 blocks, equivalent to one year in real time, the block reward undergoes halving. For instance, the fifth year commences at block number 30,000,000, calculated as 6,000,000 blocks multiplied by 5.


The VOTE Token serves dual purposes within the network governance framework. It is utilized for governance votes to allocate network resources and decide on proposed functions. This token holds significance in a DAO voting process, representing authority weight. Early supporters of the BXN Token economy received distributions of this token.

BlackFort Exchange Network Technical Info

  • Blockchain Own Blockchain

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