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Brave Browser testing BAT tipping for Twitter

Brave Browser testing BAT tipping for Twitter

Brave browser is currently testing a new feature that will allow its users to tip tweets with Brave Rewards. Users of Brave’s Nightly desktop version will now have the option to be paid Basic Attention Token for each tweet, the company said.

Brave rolls out new feature for tipping tweets

Having entered the second quarter of 2019 with a bang, Brave Browser has continued to grow and rapidly introduce new features. The company is now currently testing a new feature that would allow its users to tip tweets via the Brave Rewards system.

According to the company’s tweet, users of Brave browser’s Nightly desktop version will now have the option to be paid for each individual tweet. The process of tipping is pretty straightforward, the company explained. After opening Twitter in the Brave desktop browser, users will see a designated tip button on each tweet in their feed.

To send a tip directly to the author, users just tap on the button and tips get sent instantly. If you are on the receiving end of the tip, the funds will appear in your Brave Rewards account within minutes, Brave explained. All users that are verified through creators.brave.com are eligible to receive tips.

However, if the author of the tweet isn’t verified, the tips will be held in the user’s browser for 90 days. If the author of the tipped tweet doesn’t register with Brave Rewards in that time the funds will then return to the sender.

Tipping feature still in beta, could launch for other versions soon

The new initiative, which is part of Brave’s broader push to reduce creators’ dependency on ads, is only available for Brave Nightly, a testing and development version of Brave. While the company didn’t provide any details on when this feature could launch on other versions of the browser, the positive feedback it received could bring the launch sooner than expected.

The company has also asked its users to submit feedback and offer ideas on how to expand the feature. The reactions posted on Brave’s community page have been overwhelmingly positive, with many users suggesting implementing the feature on platforms such as Medium and Telegram.

Twitter recently joined the ranks of Brave Verified publishers. High-profile publishers such as the LA Times, the Guardian, and the Washington Post, as well as websites such as YouTube are among the websites verified. Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brave’s native cryptocurrency used to send tips, has also grown considerably—the token has seen a 170 percent year-to-date growth.

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