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Binance Pledges $1 Million to Japan Flood Victims, Calls for Donations

Binance calls for donations to victims of West Japanโ€™s ongoing natural disaster, leading the relief initiative with a $1,000,000 pledge.

In a July 8th, 2018, an announcement on the exchangeโ€™s website, the Binance team stated:

“To help out the victims in West Japan that were affected by the heavy rains on 7/7/2018, Binance is donating $1,000,000 USD and calling for our crypto friends and partners to join us in the relief initiative.”

Having claimed more than 100 lives, West Japanโ€™s unprecedented downpour has resulted in flooding and landslides displacing tens of thousands โ€” as reported by theย Japan Times. In response, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe incitedย a โ€œrace against timeโ€ to rescue flood victims โ€” of whom up to 1,850 are currently trapped on the roofs of buildings.

Appealing for donations, Binance โ€” the worldโ€™s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume โ€” posted an Ethereum address where the public may send ETH or ERC20 tokens as contributions to the cause. All expenditure is to be explained by Binance and used strictly for charity, according to the announcement.

Binanceโ€™s multi-billionaire CEO Changpeng โ€œCZโ€ Zhao tweeted his commiserations and urged cryptocurrency โ€œpartnersโ€ to donate:

CZโ€™s appeal appears to resonate strongly throughout the cryptocurrency community โ€” a number of projects stating commitment in the tweetโ€™s lengthy comment thread, including the 0x Bitcoin Mining Community, ColossusXT, and Pied Piper Coin.

Offering a deal-sweetener, CZ went on to note that all donations may be counted towards a projectโ€™s listing on Binance:

According to public data on Etherscan, the Binance donation wallet has nearly $95,000 worth of Ether at time of press, and more than $1 million in ERC20 token contributions โ€” including a 1,000,000 ($31,000) transaction from the ABYSS genesis wallet.

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