YouTube teases AI features to roll out in 2024 YouTube teases AI features to roll out in 2024

YouTube teases AI features to roll out in 2024

Upcoming features will generate backgrounds, remix existing videos, and dub audio.

YouTube teases AI features to roll out in 2024

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YouTube announced several upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) features, all related to short video editing, in a blog post on Sept. 21.

YouTube added that it will introduce an AI-powered “insights” feature that will help users create new video ideas and draft outlines. It will also offer an assistive search tool that will help video creators discover music. Plus, the platform will offer a dubbing feature called “Aloud” that will help users translate their video audio to other languages.

YouTube also introduced Dream Screen, a feature that will allow users to create AI-generated backgrounds and settings for their videos. Dream Screen will be available for YouTube Shorts, a category of videos on the site that must be shot on mobile devices and must run no longer than 60 seconds.

YouTube additionally said that it will introduce features that allow users to remix or reimagine their existing videos. An attached animation shows a user entering a prompt (“a panda drinking coffee”) to produce multiple video clips on the topic.

Finally, the video service unveiled a new mobile app called YouTube Create, which is currently in beta in some markets. The platform did not explicitly state whether this application is AI-powered. However, it said that the app offers effects such as automatic captions, voiceover tools, and other effects.

AI features will arrive by 2024

Only some features have clear launch dates. YouTube said that it will begin testing Dream Screen before the end of 2023 and said it will launch the feature broadly in 2024. It said that it would launch insights and assistive music searches in 2024.

Despite the wide array of upcoming features, it does not appear that YouTube has plans to allow users to create videos entirely generated by AI.

YouTube’s parent company, Google, recently announced that it will integrate YouTube with its AI assistant, Bard. This integration will allow users to draw data from YouTube and use that data in connection with Google’s wider suite of services.

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