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What is Project Atlas? Justin Sun Reveals Details of New Tokenized BitTorrent Platform on Tron

Tron CEO Justin Sun recently revealed details of Tron’s highly anticipated “secret project” at the Tron Virtual Machine launch Aug. 31, officially announcing Project Atlas. The new project will see the Tron blockchain integrate with the recently acquired BitTorrent...

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Tron’s Founder Wins His Own Blockchain’s Election in Under A Day

As a smart contract platform boasting a focus on user experience, Tron recently launched its mainnet and began migrating off the Ethereum blockchain. On July 19, TRON’s founder Justin Sun became one of the network’s 27 super representatives. CEO of TRON...

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2018 FIFA World Cup Embraces Blockchain as TRON Partners with vSport

From finance to retail, blockchain integration is reaching industries worldwide. TRON has partnered with vSport Chain as the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches and brings the first decentralized prediction market to the sports industry. Bridging Sports and Blockchain TRON,...

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