Minutes Network Token MNT

The Sharing Economy of the Telecommunications Minutes Market
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The Minutes Network project is an ambitious initiative poised to revolutionize the call termination market by utilizing new proprietary and blockchain technology. The project’s primary goal is to create a new decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) telecommunications carrier, offering the lowest termination prices available to Tier 1 operators and using its net revenues to power a new sharing economy.

Powered by its Mintech technology suite, including the Rapid Growth Library (MRGL), Minutes Network’s proprietary technologies enable the seamless onboarding of millions of users by integrating a simple Software Development Kit (SDK) into third-party mobile applications. This approach allows Minutes Network to absorb existing user bases rapidly. Minutes Network revenue-shares with its mobile application partners, eliminating the need for traditional consumer marketing efforts.

The decentralized infrastructure of Minutes Network comprises 500 Switch Nodes and 2,500 Validation Nodes, supporting the termination of up to 72 million minutes of call traffic daily. Individuals can stake Minutes Network Tokens (MNT) to operate these critical infrastructure nodes, earning rewards and contributing to the network’s scalability and integrity.

The MNT token is central to the project’s economic model. Minutes Network uses all its net revenues to buy back MNT tokens from the open market monthly. These tokens are redistributed to network participants, creating a sustainable, reward-based economy. This model ensures cost efficiency and introduces new revenue streams for mobile applications and node operators. Roughly 60% of all rewards are allocated toward the infrastructure operators, while 15% are retained internally. The remaining 25% are shared across network users, making Minutes Network the first telecom company ever to reward people for making and receiving calls over their network.

Minutes Network aims to democratize telecommunications by offering a decentralized, cost-effective solution for call terminations. With its innovative hybrid use of new and existing technologies and transformative approach to user acquisition, Minutes Network is set to transform the paid-for voice-calling telecommunications landscape. This report will delve into the project’s detailed objectives, technological framework, and substantial impact.