Vertex Protocol VRTX

Hybrid Orderbook-AMM DEX built on Arbitrum
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Vertex Protocol is the first highly-performant decentralized exchange (DEX) that combines spot, perpetual, and money markets into one robust trading platform. Users enjoy some of the lowest fees in the industry, lightning-fast order execution, and universal cross-margin accounts for maximum capital efficiency. Vertex is built on Arbitrum, a prominent Ethereum L2 first launched in 2021.

The protocol’s mission is to combine the efficiency, speed, and broad range of features typically associated with CEXs with the self-custody, transparency, and security of DEXs. This unique combination addresses a crucial need in the cryptocurrency market, especially in light of the recent turmoil and trust issues surrounding centralized platforms.

Here are some of Vertex’s highlights:

  • Industry Leading Fees: Makers always trade for free. Takers pay between 0.02% – 0.04% of the trade size.
  • Vertical Integration: Vertex has spot, perpetuals, and money markets all in one place. Traders can also provide liquidity to Vertex AMMs while using their LP tokens for margin. Unrealized PNL is automatically used to offset margin requirements via universal cross-margin accounts.
  • Maker Rewards Program: Besides enjoying free maker trades, market makers are rewarded for providing orderbook liquidity. Through Vertex’s partnership with Elixir Protocol, retail users can participate in algorithmic market making and earn these maker rewards.
  • Trading Rewards Program: Traders earn VRTX rewards through ongoing incentive emissions. VRTX is the protocol’s utility token.
  • Earn Participation Rewards: VRTX tokenomics ensures that those participating in the exchange can earn rewards from protocol revenue.