What is Peepeth?

Peepeth is a blockchain-powered social network alternative to Twitter powered by the Ethereum blockchain. No company or government controls your data; so it’s the perfect place to share what matters. It costs a little bit of ether (a cryptocurrency) to sign up. These fees power the Ethereum network. That’s why you’ll need MetaMask, which lets you execute Peepeth actions with 1 click.

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Peepeth Features & Tech Specs

  • Powered by the blockchain: Data is open, decentralized, and immutable because it’s saved to the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS. Anyone can make an alternative Peepeth reader/writer.
  • Quality over quantity: One “like” per day: instead of a Like, Peepeth has the Ensล. The once-per-day Ensล encourages timeless content.
  • Less “me”, more “we”: Peepeth is a little less about self promotion, and a little more about recognizing others’ contributions. For example, you can pin other people’s content to your profile page, but not your own.
  • Do good & inspire: How can we do the most good? Donating to the Against Malaria Foundation is one of the most effective ways to prevent suffering. Donate at least USD$25 to wear a mosquito badge on your avatar.

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