Privacy-focused Brave browser surpasses 40 million downloads Privacy-focused Brave browser surpasses 40 million downloads
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Privacy-focused Brave browser surpasses 40 million downloads

Privacy-focused Brave browser surpasses 40 million downloads

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Privacy-focused browser Brave has surpassed 40 million downloads. While it still has a long way to go before it overtakes competitors Mozilla and Google Chrome, Brave is by far the most downloaded crypto-related app on Android, having 4 times more downloads than crypto exchange Coinbase.

Brave’s popularity on Android skyrockets in the past

Few companies in the crypto industry have seen the kind of growth Brave Browser has had throughout 2019. Created to revolutionize the online advertising industry, the company has been releasing impressive statistics on a weekly basis in the past few months.

The latest achievement the innovative browser unlocked was surpassing 40 million downloads. According to data aggregator AppBrain, the browser has been gaining considerable traction among Android users since its launch in 2016 but saw its user base almost double in 2019.

The number of downloads isn’t the only record Brave broke, either. With an average rating of 4.30 and the most recent rating of 4.45, Brave is currently among the top 10 percent of all Android apps. Its rating count, which currently stands at around 127,000, puts it among the top 1 percent.

Brave Overview
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However, Brave’s impressive stats seemingly had no effect on the price of its native cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT). After losing half of its value in the past six months, the coin has seen its price remain at around $0.2 throughout November.

BAT charts
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Brave community confident despite price struggles

While it’s clear that the optimism regarding BAT isn’t nearly as high as it was back in April, the Brave community doesn’t seem worried. The overwhelming sentiment on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media remains extremely positive, as many are more focused on Brave as a service than Brave’s as a coin issuer.

This attitude is what enabled the company to post impressive results throughout the year despite BAT struggling to stay above $0.3. Back in May this year, Brave was the second most popular browser after Google Chrome for two whole weeks.

Back in October, the company celebrated 8 million active monthly users and a huge increase in the number of publishers on Brave. Data from Brave analytics website BATGrowth listed 293,699 verified publishers in mid-October. More than 40,000 new publishers joined Brave since then, with most of them being YouTube creators.

In line with its aggressively user-centric model, Brave also launched a page where it showcased the number of advertising campaigns, content creators, and โ€œBrave-initiated BAT purchases,โ€ in real-time.

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