W3Expo — The Original In-Person Web3 Gaming Expo — Returns for Istanbul Blockchain Week 2024

W3Expo 2024 returns to Istanbul on August 13-14 at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti, spotlighting Web3 gaming with a direct-to-consumer approach. W3Expo, part of Istanbul Blockchain Week, highlights Turkey's status as a leading gaming and Web3 hub, expected to attract over 4,000 attendees. With live esports, interactive game stations, and a focus on immersive gaming experiences across all platforms in web2 and web3, W3Expo 2024 sets the stage for innovation in the heart of one of the world's top Web3 adopters.

W3Expo — The Original In-Person Web3 Gaming Expo — Returns for Istanbul Blockchain Week 2024

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – DATE, 2024 – After a groundbreaking debut in 2022, the W3Expo, organized by web3 Marketing & PR Agency EAK Digital,  is set to make a triumphant return on August 13-14 at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center, reaffirming its commitment to the Web3 gaming industry.

With a unique vision that prioritizes gaming first, the W3Expo is dedicated to placing Web3 games directly into the hands of consumers. Unlike typical B2B events or being tucked away in the NFT corner of crypto conventions, W3Expo stands out as a dedicated gaming showcase that merges the worlds of web2, web3 and esports. It welcomes all genres across PC, mobile, and console platforms and features live esports action on stage.

Turkey’s reputation as a hotspot for gaming is well-earned, with its vibrant casual gaming market capturing the hearts of millions. As a nation, it has swiftly climbed the ranks to become one of the top five global adopters of Web3 technology, further solidified by its burgeoning esports industry. This unique combination of passion for gaming, technological embrace, and competitive spirit makes Turkey the ideal host for W3Expo 2024. Integrated within Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW), the expo is set to draw an international audience exceeding 4,000, comprising gamers, developers, and Web3 enthusiasts eager to explore the latest in gaming innovation.

The design of W3Expo’s exhibition spaces is a testament to immersive and interactive gaming experiences. They feature intuitively designed walk-up-and-play game stations equipped with PCs and mobile devices. Every setup is linked to large monitors, ensuring that the thrill of gameplay is shared with onlookers. This creates a community atmosphere where every victory and defeat can be collectively experienced.

Avalanche is set to present its gaming repertoire by presenting Raini: Lords of Light along with Providence, Spellborne, RoboKiden and Fableborne, each uniquely leveraging Avalanche’s robust blockchain technology. These additions promise to enrich the W3Expo experience, offering players diverse, immersive experiences ranging from strategic battles to innovative gameplay mechanics in the other titles.

Commenting on the return, Damian Bartlett, W3E Team Lead at W3Expo, said:

“We’re excited to bring W3Expo back to Istanbul, 2022 was a ground-breaking event where we merged web3 gaming in its infancy, with web2 and esports. Our focus is on prioritizing gaming, ensuring it reaches true enthusiasts, and showcasing web3 alongside the traditional gaming industry on an equal footing.

“With Turkey’s strong gaming and esports culture, along with its leading position in web3 adoption, there’s no better place for W3Expo 2024.”

Join us at W3Expo 2024 to experience the forefront of Web3 gaming innovation. Whether you’re a gamer, developer, or enthusiast, this is your chance to be part of an event that celebrates the future of gaming.

What is Istanbul Blockchain Week?

Istanbul Blockchain Week 2024 is set to illuminate the vibrant city of Istanbul on August 13-14 at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center, marking its return as the nexus for Web3 innovation in the Eurasian region. This event not only builds on the success of previous years but also expands its horizons with more speakers, activations, and Web3 education, leveraging Turkey’s burgeoning role as a crypto powerhouse. With the nation’s dynamic tech ecosystem and strategic geographic position, Istanbul Blockchain Week promises a confluence of international and local experts driving the Web3 revolution.

Entrance to W3Expo is included in the Istanbul Blockchain Week tickets and earlybird tickets can be purchased here.

About W3E

W3E is at the forefront of Web3 and gaming innovation, dedicated to enriching the gaming and esports scene within the web3 ecosystem. Under the leadership of team lead Damian Bartlett, W3E has made significant strides, including hosting the world’s first Web3 LAN tournament at the ESA Esports Arena during Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022. As part of the EAK Global Group, W3E is building an all-in-one gaming ecosystem that supports games with their go-to-market strategies, while also offering the consumer-facing W3Expo and esports events for players. The team, boasting extensive backgrounds in the gaming industry, provides a robust platform for emerging projects, game testing, and networking among gaming, blockchain, and esports enthusiasts, aiming to bring legitimacy and facilitate growth in the web3 gaming space.

To learn more, visit w3expo.gg

About Istanbul Blockchain Week

Istanbul Blockchain Week is an annual event bringing together blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders from across the globe. Following its remarkable success in 2022 and 2023, which witnessed an impressive turnout of over 8,000 attendees and featured 180+ international and Turkish speakers such as Changpeng Zhao, Ziya Altunyaldız, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, and Şant Manukyan, IBW returned to Turkey’s prominent crypto hub on August 13th to 14th. As a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploration of the latest advancements in blockchain technology, Istanbul Blockchain Week creates an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation. The event offers attendees a diverse program featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions that delve into various aspects of web3. Istanbul Blockchain Week presents a unique opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the blockchain world and connect with like-minded visionaries actively shaping the future.

To learn more and get IBW tickets, visit istanbulblockchainweek.com.