UXLINK Announces 2024’s Largest Airdrop: Airdrop Voucher NFT Minting Set for May 3rd!

UXLINK set to engage over 550,000 community members in one of 2024's largest airdrop events with a special NFT minting initiative.

UXLINK Announces 2024’s Largest Airdrop: Airdrop Voucher NFT Minting Set for May 3rd!

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Singapore, April 26th, 2024 – UXLINK, the leading SocialFi platform, is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated first season of airdrop events. This initiative is set to captivate over 550,000 community contributors, marking a significant milestone as one of the largest airdrop events in 2024.

With a user base exceeding 5.5 million, UXLINK aims to involve about 10% of its active users in the upcoming airdrop. This event will kick off with four NFT series, representing a pioneering step in the Socialfi realm and a notable development for web3. Inspired by the airdrop theme, “In UXLINK We Trust,” the four NFT series are named MOON, TRUST, FRENS, and LINK. NFT minting is scheduled to commence on May 3rd, 2024.

Many users have already begun preparations, recognizing that eligibility for the airdrop requires meeting specific criteria: 1) Having invited friends to join the UXLINK community previously, 2) Engaging in on-chain interactions prior to the airdrop and 3) Ensuring there is some amount of assets in UXWallet. These criteria not only determine eligibility but also serve as benchmarks for active UXLINK users and contributors to the broader community.

According to several UXLINK eco-projects and AIRDROP2049 participating project leaders, they are also very cognizant of UXLINK’s upcoming NFTs and will join in the airdrop for UXLINK NFT holders..

Preparations for the countdown to the airdrop are currently underway. Stay tuned for further rules and essential updates, to be unveiled via UXLINK’s official Twitter and website.




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