TeraBlock secures $2.4 million to build a newbie-friendly crypto exchange powered by machine learning

TeraBlock secures $2.4 million to build a newbie-friendly crypto exchange powered by machine learning

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Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 20th April, 2021, Chainwire — TeraBlock, an automated crypto investment exchange with advanced machine learning algorithm capabilities for trading, is announcing a $2.4 round by leading investors. The company is looking to bring its Binance-powered tools to the masses who seek to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without excessive market risk.

TeraBlock has concluded a successful $2.4 million round of capital from a myriad of notable investors, including AU21, BSCPad,x21 Digital, Blockchain.com, PlotX, MoonBoots Capital, Node Kapital, Node Kapital, OroPocket, BTX Capital, Manticore Capital, Vezures, Stefan Andjelic, MarketAcross, PetRock Capital, Sheesha Finance, Master Ventures, Shima Capital, CryptoDormFund, Magnus Capital, Midas Ventures, Designated Capital, Brilliance Ventures and Blocksync Ventures to help it’s operations and growth.

The idea for TeraBlock was born after its founder, Shivam Tandon, a dual engineer, serial entrepreneur, and expert cryptocurrency trader saw the learning cliff that newcomers to crypto experience in 2021. Questions such as “how to buy crypto” or “which crypto to buy” are among the most common, but they do not have a simple answer.

TeraBlock seeks to become the one-stop solution for all the needs of crypto newbies by combining a simple and sleek interface for buying and selling crypto to a suite of trade automation tools that guide the users in their journey through blockchain.

With TeraBlock, users will be able to purchase crypto through the TeraBlock exchange with any debit or credit card issued by a bank, and easily manage the assets through trade automation.

A collaboration with Binance Cloud and the Binance platform means that TeraBlock will have full access to all of Binance’s liquidity and tokens. Binance will also be powering TeraBlock’s exchange technology, user funds management and security. User registration, Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks will also be performed through Binance in collaboration with third parties.

“We believe there is pent-up demand for a more comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for onboarding users to the cryptocurrency ecosystem,” said Muhammad Ali, CCO TeraBlock. “TeraBlock can support crypto users through their entire learning curve, giving them all the necessary tools and features under one roof.” he adds.

“With 99% of the world still to experience the crypto-paradigm, one of the primary gaps in the market is to provide the easiest possible ramp to move from fiat to Crypto. There are innumerable options available, but TeraBlock is taking it to the next level,” said Ajeet Khurana, India’s renowned crypto expert and former head of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee (BACC). “TeraBlock can support crypto users through their entire learning curve, giving them all the necessary tools and features under one roof.” he adds.

TeraBlock offers four predefined indices with different risk-reward profiles. These indices will be based on total market capitalization, asset performance, project overview and statistical data. The index offers a transparent view into its previous performance. Once an index is selected and confirmed, the platform will automatically buy and trade the funds, looking for the best opportunity to exit at the time of market correction to safeguard funds against high volatility.

“We are excited to partner with TeraBlock as they unveil a revolutionary portfolio automation system for digital assets. TeraBlock’s trade automation technology allows any investor to access leading computational strategies with complete agency over their transaction frequency and risk tolerance.” said the AU21 team.

For more advanced users, TeraBlock offers an automated portfolio trading tool. Here, users are able to set their own strategies, choosing from a list of predefined options or defining their own custom strategy. Once selected, users can see the backtest of their strategy with the click of one button.

The TeraBlock Exchange will be powered by the TBC token, a utility token that helps minimize fees. If a user holds a percentage of their portfolio in TBC, the platform will waive all fees beyond the standard exchange fee, even for automated strategies and indices.

About TeraBlock

TeraBlock is the most user-friendly and comprehensive crypto exchange, offering the liquidity, token selection and cost of Binance with the ease and simplicity of Coinbase. Through its ML-powered trading algorithms and customizable strategies, TeraBlock guides users who dip their toes in cryptocurrencies. TeraBlock was founded in 2021 by Shivam Tandon, a serial crypto entrepreneur who previously launched successful trading tools.