Rapid DePIN scaling and the path to exponential Minutes Network growth

Minutes Network reveals the MRGL innovation aiming to make it the world's largest telecommunication voice network by userbase.

Rapid DePIN scaling and the path to exponential Minutes Network growth

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London, United Kingdom, March 22nd, 2024, Chainwire – Minutes Network, the world’s first blockchain-based wholesale, DePIN voice carrier, with its, unique close to zero termination cost model unveiled more of its innovative technology today, showcasing its proprietary Mintech Rapid Growth Library (MRGL), and its power to exponentially grow the Minutes Network user base with unprecedented pace.

Josh Watkins, CEO said “The MRGL is housed in the Minutes Network SDK, and when this is integrated into a third-party mobile application, Minutes Network absorbs the application’s unique userbase. With the capacity to seamlessly onboard millions at the press of a button, Minutes Network has the potential to become the world’s largest telecommunication voice-network by userbase.”

The MRGL makes Minutes Network ideal for global-scale applications with billions of users, giving them instant access to a brand new monetisation method.

Watkins added “We have our first scale implementation agreed and this will bring over 1.2 billion users to Minutes Network over the next couple of years. For perspective, the largest network by user base today is China Mobile and they have 850 million subscribers.”

Watkins was keen to highlight whilst scale apps bring massive coverage Minutes Network is open to working with apps of smaller sizes too. “Our revenue share opportunity is available to any application that can bring Minutes Network 50,000 unique users or more.”

Watkins expanded on this. “Usually, when networks seek to build out scale they are tied to, expensive B2C marketing approaches, this is seen as a standard cost of doing business. The MRGL sidesteps this creating a new high-precision, pay-to-play, B2B model.

By revenue sharing with mobile applications, we further leverage our lowest cost termination model. In comparison with the traditional way telcos build scale, we get access to a huge user base, and only pay for the traffic we terminate over any application.”

With the combined advantages of a unique, proprietary zero-cost/high-margin termination model and the MRGL, Minutes Network is primed to reimagine and reconfigure the $251 billion wholesale voice terminations market.

Minutes Network is partnered with Minutes Network Token (MNT) creating a new DePIN initiative encompassing a sharing economy based on the voice industry minutes commodity market. All Minutes Networks net-revenues are used to buy back MNTs from the open market for redistribution as rewards to network participants.

About Minutes Network

Minutes Network operates in the $251 billion paid-for voice calling market. Our proprietary, next-generation, technologies deliver the lowest-cost termination charges in the market.

Minutes Network Token (MNT) uses blockchain technologies to decentralise the global scale, multi billion dollar, telecommunications commodity minutes market. MNT tokenises bandwidth and distributes value to Minutes Network participants

For more information users can go to or join the MNT community on telegram



Josh Watkins
Minutes Network
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