Introducing GOGA: The Revolutionary Metaverse Project with Meta Classrooms, Event Halls, and Gaming Experiences – Presale Now Open

Introducing GOGA: The Revolutionary Metaverse Project with Meta Classrooms, Event Halls, and Gaming Experiences – Presale Now Open

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New York, United States, December 10th, 2023, Chainwire – GOGA, the innovative new cryptocurrency, marks a significant step forward in the metaverse realm, focusing on creating meta classrooms, event halls, and immersive gaming experiences. This unique digital currency is now available for presale, offering an exciting opportunity for early adopters.

Presale Benefits

During the presale phase, investors in GOGA can stake their tokens to potentially earn up to 20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in USDT. Additionally, a 5% instant bonus in USDT is available for each successful referral made using your personal link, directly credited to your wallet.

GOGA’s Unique Proposition in Education and Entertainment

GOGA stands out as a transformative force in the metaverse, blending educational and entertainment aspects. It offers a novel approach to learning by integrating traditional educational methods with advanced technology. The GOGA metaverse includes versatile spaces for events, where users can host, rent, buy, or sell event halls. Additionally, GOGA’s gaming world promises thrilling adventures and opportunities for players to earn rewards.

GOGA Classrooms: A Leap in Digital Education

GOGA has established approximately 600 meta classrooms, revolutionizing digital education. These virtual classrooms offer immersive and interactive learning experiences, fostering global collaboration.

GOGA Games: A Thrilling Adventure in the Metaverse

GOGA Games invites players into a challenging world of survival in varied environments, from icy wilderness to harsh deserts. Players face survival challenges, including finding shelter and food, with a realistic day-night cycle. This gaming experience blends strategy with adventure, offering rewards and character upgrades.

GOGA Events: Revolutionizing Virtual Event Hosting

GOGA’s Meta Events platform enables users to create and manage virtual event spaces, from party halls to conference rooms. Utilizing the GOGA token, users can own, rent out, or resell these spaces, supported by a secure transaction system within the GOGA metaverse.

Presale Details and Token Pricing

The presale phase is crucial for building GOGA’s community. Half of the total tokens (500,000,000 GOGA) are available during this phase, with a presale price of $0.0001 per token. This presents an opportunity for early adopters to invest at an advantageous price.

Presale Stages:

  1. Diamond Stage: $0.0001
  2. Platinum Stage: $0.00012
  3. Gold Stage: $0.00014
  4. Silver Stage: $0.00016
  5. Bronze Stage: $0.00018

Staking Opportunities During Presale

Investors staking GOGA tokens during the presale can potentially earn up to 20% APY in USDT, with weekly earnings claims available until the official token launch. This staking option encourages early participation and offers the potential for regular returns.

For more information and to participate in the presale, visit GOGA Token’s Official Website.

About GOGA

At the core of GOGA lies a team of 22 dedicated individuals, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to the project. Over the past two years, this team has been diligently working at the intersection of animation and game development, continuously pushing the envelope in these dynamic fields. Their collective efforts are driven by a deep belief in the transformative power of technology, especially within the realms of the metaverse.

GOGA is not just about pioneering in animation and game development; it’s about revolutionizing the way these fields intersect with education. Their commitment to integrating these advanced technologies into an educational platform is a testament to their vision of shaping the future of interactive learning.

With a focus on creating a seamless blend of engaging animation, immersive game development, and innovative educational experiences, the GOGA team invites the world to be a part of their exciting journey. This journey represents a fusion of passion and purpose, opening doors to endless possibilities in the realms of animation, gaming, and education.

For more information on GOGA and to join in their mission of reshaping the educational landscape, visit GOGA Token’s Official Website.


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