Jordi Baylina

Technical Lead at Polygon Hermez zkEVM

Jordi Baylina Bio

Jordi is in charge of overseeing the technical development of the Polygon Hermez zkRollup and is now engaged in zkEVM implementation to scale Ethereum. As one of the strongest Solidity programmers in the world, Jordi has made significant contributions to the Ethereum community.

Jordi is the co-founder of the White Hat Group, which played a major role in rescuing funds from TheDAO and Parity Multisig hacks. He is the creator of a number of well-known contracts in the Ethereum ecosystem, including the MiniMe token contract, the elliptic curves Solidity library, and many others.

Jordi is also a well-respected auditor, most notably leading teams to audit the MakerDAO Stable Coin system and Aragon project. Jordi is the co-founder of the charitable giving website Giveth, DAppNode, Iden3 and most recently, Polygon Hermez.

Source: Polygon Hermez blog

Jordi Baylina News

Jordi Baylina Current Work

  • Polygon Hermez zkEVM Technical Lead
  • iden3 Tech Lead
  • Founder
  • Universitat Politรจcnica de Catalunya Blockchain Teacher
  • Freelance Solidity Smart Contract Auditor and Developer
  • White Hat Group (WHG) Co-Founder
  • masterASP Owner
  • UNICLAU S.L. Founder

Jordi Baylina Previous Work

  • CIRSA Systems Engineer 1999 - 2001

Jordi Baylina Education

  • IESE Business School, Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.), 2009 - 2011
  • Universitat Politรจcnica de Catalunya (UPC), Communications Engineer, Electrรฒnics, 1991 - 1996

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