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Ethereum devs confirm ETH 2.0 will NOT go live in July, despite widespread rumors

Ethereum devs confirm ETH 2.0 will NOT go live in July, despite widespread rumors

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Ethereum’s much-awaited move to a PoS consensus algorithm, the so-called 2.0 or “Serenity” update, just got longer. Project developers confirmed late on May 12 any purported shipping dates were a clear case of miscommunication.

It’s not coming in July

Serenity has been in development since early-2018. The update is to Ethereum what the halving was to Bitcoin, in terms of both media presence and protocol update.

Ever since Ethereum core developer Afri Schoeden stated the “Schlesi” testnet was active and running, rumors mills have stated and extensively reported on a mid-July date for mainnet.

But Afri’s tweet on May 12 confirmed any upcoming dates were out-of-question, even indicating “going on stage” to confirm dates was not a “helpful” act. The developer was referring to Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, who reportedly answered with a “yes” to journalists when questioned about a July launch at the ongoing Consensus: Distributed 2020 event.

Buterin was quick to confirm and deny any talk of a July launch:

Twitter users were quick to ask the developers about when a launch date is expected. However, as any software development would answer, testing periods take a long time and cannot be rushed, especially in a distributed protocol with no centralized oversight.

Afri’s tweet was a response to developer Marco Levarato, who isn’t associated with Ethereum:

Leverato noted the 1.0 protocol needed an important update to its “BLS signature” framework, calling it an essential step before 2.0 is launched. He noted the upgrade should arrive on Ethereum’s “Berlin” update, which has not been announced yet.

A few thread commentators explained the update did not necessarily require the BLS update in terms of functioning. However, Berlin comes handy for the creation of a light client and a better UX, stated Ethereum Foundation’s Hudson Jameson.

While ETH 2.0 may not be arriving soon, the Schlesi testnet has been functioning without errors. The multi-client framework, which helps interoperability and developer collaboration, is an important step towards Serenity, as CryptoSlate previously covered.

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