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May 11 - May 13

In light of COVID-19’s global impact, CoinDesk’s Consensus will now be a completely virtual experience at no charge.

This will enable more people from all over the world to participate and gather to discuss the most important topics of our time, coordinated by CoinDesk’s experienced journalists and moderators in a rolling live TV-like experience accessible from anywhere in the world.

Widely seen as the world’s leading conference for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Consensus has been covered on Bloomberg, Forbes, MIT Tech Review, Yahoo Finance, Quartz, among many other media outlets.

In a statement that went out last Friday, Kevin Worth, Chief Executive Officer & Michael Casey, CoinDesk Chief Content Officer, said:

“We understand that for many people the New York gathering is the big event they look forward to attending, but we are excited about the opportunity to bring far more people into the fold.”

Key things to note:

  • The conference is still happening on May 11-13, 2020
  • More information on the agenda will follow soon


May 11
May 13
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