Skate (formerly Range Protocol)

The first universal application layer that empowers apps to run on 1000s of chains with one state.

Skate (formerly Range Protocol) Background

Skate, formerly known as Range Protocol, is a unified liquidity provisioning platform that empowers applications to operate across thousands of blockchains with a single state. Underpinned by robust on-chain trading infrastructure, Skate combines the best of automated market makers (AMMs) and request-for-quote (RFQ) to deliver optimized strategies for the next generation of investors.

Key Features of Skate

  • Cross-Chain Interoperability: Skate facilitates effortless cross-chain interactions, establishing an unprecedented level of coherence between different blockchain ecosystems.
  • Universal Application Scope: Skate introduces the concept of a Universal Application Scope, where essential applications are developed collectively and maintained in a shared pool accessible to all chains, regardless of their underlying Virtual Machine environment.
  • Fast Finality Network: At the core of Skate is the Fast Finality Network, secured as an EigenLayer Actively Validated Service (AVS), which accelerates transactions to rapid conclusion while ensuring security and reliability.
  • Modular Web3 Solution: Skate solves the challenge of dApp/chain-liquidity fragmentation in a modular web3 landscape, ensuring foundational needs are met efficiently and allowing each chain to focus on creating unique, value-added services.
  • Extensive Partnerships: Skate is backed by leading founders in web3, including EigenLayer, Polygon, Manta, Axelar, Pendle, A41, and Galxe, supporting its vision to make web3 efficient for a modular future.

Skate (formerly Range Protocol) Team

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