What is DragonGlass?

What is DragonGlass section needs to be updated to the following: “DragonGlass is a cloud-based service that provides live and historical data across all distributed ledgers. With DragonGlass, developers get real-time and complete transparency of all data in Hedera Hashgraph. dApps can easily access this information with their set of prebuilt APIs. DragonGlass does the heavy lifting by providing automated data services to developers so they can focus on building their product. For those who aren’t building dApps but need a way to view specific pieces of information, the powerful DragonGlass Explorer makes it quick and easy to view any piece of information

DragonGlass Support

DragonGlass Features & Tech Specs

  • Realtime Data Subscriptions
  • Multilevel Data Enrichment
  • Support for Custom Smart Contracts
  • REST-based Search and Data API
  • Single Data Source Across Multiple Ledgers
  • Supports Private Blockchains
  • Managed Service for Enterprise Clients
  • Bulk Data for Analytics

Supported Cryptocurrencies

DragonGlass Team

Sushil Prabhu
Sushil Prabhu

CEO & President

Shawn Traynor
Shawn Traynor

Head of Solutions

Brad Buck
Brad Buck

Head of Financial Services

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