What is DragonGlass?

At the core of its design, DragonGlass is a highly scalable Platform as a Service infrastructure that stores and processes (unmarshalling, indexing, signature verification, etc) data collected from the Hedera Hashgraph platform at a TPS similar to the Mainnet. For end-users, the platform supports a Google-like search to access accounts, transactions, smart contracts files, … almost everything produced on the Mainnet. For developers, the platform supports a wide range of REST-based APIs to access all data.

DragonGlass Support

DragonGlass Features & Tech Specs

  • Realtime Data Subscriptions
  • Multilevel Data Enrichment
  • Support for Custom Smart Contracts
  • REST-based Search and Data API
  • Single Data Source Across Multiple Ledgers
  • Supports Private Blockchains
  • Managed Service for Enterprise Clients
  • Bulk Data for Analytics

Supported Cryptocurrencies

DragonGlass Team

Sushil Prabhu
Sushil Prabhu

CEO & President

Shawn Traynor
Shawn Traynor

Head of Solutions

Brad Buck
Brad Buck

Head of Financial Services

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