Permissionless threshold BLS network

ARPA Background

ARPA Network (ARPA) is a permissionless threshold BLS network that can enable many use cases, including verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridges, and decentralized custody. ARPA supports multiple blockchains.The team is building Randcast – a verifiable RNG, and the first application leverages ARPA as infrastructure. Randcast can be used in various scenarios like metaverse gaming, lottery, NFT minting, and whitelisting.


ARPA Services


  • Randcast is an on-chain verifiable random number generator with a suite of APIs for different use cases, including NFT allocation, game attribute generation, and combat outcomes. Randcast is built to empower a fair and creative metaverse.


Felix Xu
Felix Xu

Co-Founder & CEO

ARPA Support

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