What is Digital Ark?

Digital Ark is a professional marketing, branding and consultancy agency that works with blockchain projects and businesses associated with cryptocurrencies. Digital Ark focuses on understanding your business, identifying short- and long-term goals, and crafting the right roadmap for success.

Digital Ark Details

Digital Ark Services
  • Consulting. Evaluate your project to identify challenges, provide solutions, and create new business strategies.
  • Branding. Specialize in brand strategy and brand identity to help projects solve their business challenges.
  • Product Launch Marketing. Design a strategy that generates interest and excitement around your product launch.
  • Exchange Listing. Assist you with getting your token listed on reputable exchanges.
  • Banner Advertising. Collaborate with the largest crypto related websites to ensure high ROI.
  • Video Advertising. Provide access to a wide range of video influencers to promote your project.

Digital Ark Clients

Digital Ark Team

Chris Psallidas
Chris Psallidas


Alexander Munnik
Alexander Munnik