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About Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a leading provider of crypto asset market and network data. We deliver transparent and actionable data and analytics to industry stakeholders including financial enterprises, funds, media, research outlets, and data/application providers. Coin Metricsโ€™ data empowers its clients and the public to better understand, value, use, and ultimately steward open crypto networks.

Coin Metrics Features

High Quality

  • Our metrics are accurate and standardized
  • Our methods are transparent
  • We use clear definitions with intuitive nomenclature


  • Our metrics are designed for breadth (number of assets) and depth (number of metrics)


  • We strive for comparability and actionability, with end use goals in mind


  • Accessible through REST or websocket API or flat historical CSV data files
  • Custom integrations also possible

Coin Metrics Team

Tim Rice
Tim Rice

CEO & Co-Founder

Jacob Franek
Jacob Franek

COO & Co-Founder

Aleksei Nokhrin
Aleksei Nokhrin

CTO & Co-Founder

Alexander Bich
Alexander Bich

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Nic Carter
Nic Carter

Board Chairman & Co-Founder

Coin Metrics Headquarters

Cambridge, MA, USA

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Coin Metrics Support

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