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Blockchain infrastructure and software development

Bware Labs Background

Bware Labs is the one-stop shop solution provider for boosting blockchain adoption and supporting Web3 builders throughout their entire blockchain journey, from development to production, release, and beyond.

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Bware Labs Team

Bware Labs
Flavian Ma

Co-founder & CEO

Bware Labs
Alexandru Minulescu

Co-founder & CTO

Bware Labs
Anca Chirila


Bware Labs
Radu Enoiu

Co-founder & Product Manager

Bware Labs
Matei Popp

Co-founder & DevOps Technical Lead

Bware Labs
Alexandru Filip

Co-founder & Smart Contract Development Lead

Bware Labs
Adrian Bacircea

Software Architect

Bware Labs
Georgel Olari

Senior Software Engineer

Bware Labs Support

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