Amboss Technologies

Provider of data analytics and operational solutions for the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Amboss Technologies Background

Amboss Technologies is a leading provider of data analytics and operational solutions for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the cutting-edge payment layer that is revolutionizing the global digital payments landscape.

Optimizing the Lightning Network

Amboss leverages machine learning to offer a suite of tools that redefine the future of decentralized finance. The company’s data-driven insights and coordination tools help merchants, consumers, and enterprises identify optimal payment routes based on cost, reliability, or reputation, while also enabling enterprise-grade risk management.

Fostering a Dynamic Lightning Ecosystem

Amboss operates Magma, the premier marketplace for buying and selling Lightning channels, enabling users to earn bitcoin yield from their savings without relinquishing custody. By supporting the formation of dynamic markets that foster free association and autonomy, Amboss is dedicated to the sustainable development of the Lightning Network.

Balancing Privacy and Transparency

Amboss Technologies is committed to supporting both privacy and opt-in transparency, ensuring that the individual’s right to confidentiality is balanced with the community’s need for openness. This approach helps to build trust and integrity within the Lightning Network ecosystem.

Experienced Leadership Team

The Amboss team is led by co-founders Jesse Shrader and Anthony Potdevin, who bring a wealth of experience in engineering, web development, and the Bitcoin and Lightning Network ecosystems. Their vision is to make the Lightning Network a high-performance, sustainable payment network that empowers users and drives widespread adoption of Bitcoin.With its innovative products, commitment to decentralization, and experienced leadership, Amboss Technologies is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global digital payments landscape through the power of the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

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Amboss Technologies Team

Jesse Shrader
Jesse Shrader

CEO & Co-founder

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