$1,846.29 +15.8%
Market Cap $153,739,157
24H Volume $12,170,304
Circulating Supply 83,269
Total Supply 90,021
1H -2.76%
24H +15.8%
7D -2.24%

What is saffron.finance?

Saffron is an asset collateralization platform where liquidity providers have access to dynamic exposure by selecting customized risk and return profiles.

SFI tokens, or Spice tokens, are the native currency of Saffron driving all of its features, products, and incentive structures. Features of the SFI token:

  • ERC-20 capped at 100,000 SFI.
  • The first epoch will generate 40,000 tokens. Tokens are a subsidy for liquidity providers and are awarded to LPs via liquidity mining.
  • SFI token subsidy is halved every epoch, up to and including epoch 7.
  • Beginning on epoch 8, halving discontinues and SFI are steadily released at a rate of 200 tokens per epoch, until reaching the 100,000 cap or governance voting to change the emission schedule.
  • There are no fees in version 1, however, upon introduction of fees SFI staking will entitle stakers to a proportional share of fee revenue.
  • Fees continue to provide incentives when SFI token generation ends. For example, SFI tokens must be staked before an LP can join the enhanced return A tranche.
  • The team is allocated 25% of SFI subsidy minted per epoch.

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