Blockchain is here to stay, highlights from Seattle’s TF3 Conference

Blockchain is here to stay, highlights from Seattle’s TF3 Conference

Last week Seattle saw one of its most successful blockchain conferences to date. TF Blockchain 3 was sold out, attracting renowned speakers from around the US and packing the top-floor of the Columbia Tower.

The energy at Seattle’s latest blockchain conference was refreshing, especially considering that the blockchain scene was still reeling from 18 months of bear market sentiment. The event was sold out—with standing room only—and featured a cohort of some of Seattle’s most renowned blockchain entrepreneurs and tech-executives, along with founders from crypto projects from across the United States.

Compelling Talks

One of the most compelling events at TF3 featured Anthony Pompliano’s “Off the Chain” podcast with Viktor Radchenko, CEO of Trust Wallet—a crypto wallet acquired by Binance in July of 2018. Radchenko shared how he went from a family-farmhand to a young hacker—paving the way for his career in systems security.

Another interesting discussion was one between Coinme and Coinstar CEOs, Neil Bergquist and Jim Gaherity, who talked about Bitcoin’s potential for mass adoption.

Gaherity said:

“We have rolled out to over 2,000 locations today… Our opportunity here, over the next year or two, is about 78,000 locations that we can spread to in the US and then we’ll look at expanding internationally.”

From left to right: Neil Bergquist (CEO of Coinme), Jim Gaherity (CEO Of CoinStar) and Jonathan Blanco

Bergquist added, meaning Bitcoin will be accessible to most of the US:

“Coinstar has a kiosk located within 5 miles of 95 percent of Americans.”

Another thought-provoking speech was delivered by ProgPow inventor and Core Scientific CTO Kristy-Leigh Minehan on the intersection between AI and blockchain. These talks were just a few of many at the conference.

Jonathan G. Blanco, the founder of TF Blockchain, had the following to say about the conference:

“I’m thankful to our loyal community of TF Blockchain attendees, speakers, and partners who are striving to learn and grow their networks around blockchain regardless of crypto market conditions. Thanks to our community, TF3 has proven to be our best conference yet.”

What’s Next?

The event wrapped up with an attendee happy hour and tournament style poker. For those interested in networking, TF Blockchain made it hard not to network. And, unlike other conferences which may leave attendees looking for more, those who attended TF Blockchain thought that it was exceptional:

TF Blockchain Opens New Chapters In Portland and Vancouver, Austin Next
Related: TF Blockchain Opens New Chapters In Portland and Vancouver, Austin Next

On the heels of the event’s success, TF Blockchain announced that they’re opening local chapters to further their mission of “connecting blockchain innovators with technology and business executives.” The chapters will host their “evening event series” of meetups, micro-doses of what can be expected at their conferences with facilitated networking and interactive speaker sessions. Chapters are forming in Portland (OR), Vancouver (BC), Austin (TX), and Seattle (WA).

Blanco said:

“We look forward to growing blockchain communities across the US and are actively searching for chapter directors who resonate with our mission.”

Although the date for TF Blockchain 4 hasn’t been set yet, before ticket prices start going up, those looking to make meaningful connections while learning more about the technology should reserve their tickets today.

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