Srikumar Misra

Founder at aarnรข protocol

Srikumar Misra Bio

Sri is a second time founder, currently forging the future of decentralized finance at the intersection of AI-Web3 with aarnรข protocol, envisioned to become the decentralized Schwab of crypto & digital assets or the next gen YearnFi. Known for launching Milk Mantra, an ethically sourced premium dairy foods company, and Indiaโ€™s first VC-funded agri-food startup, Sri is recognized as a conscious capitalism advocate. His work has been widely featured in global media including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, with case studies at Stanford Business School & IIM. An Aspen Institute and Yale World Fellow, Sri is driving change in the tokenized economy, whilst staying close to nature as an amateur mountaineer looking to scale his next summit.

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