[ANN] Explore Blockchain Hubs Around the World with ‘CryptoSlate Places’ [ANN] Explore Blockchain Hubs Around the World with ‘CryptoSlate Places’
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[ANN] Explore Blockchain Hubs Around the World with ‘CryptoSlate Places’

[ANN] Explore Blockchain Hubs Around the World with ‘CryptoSlate Places’

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The blockchain community is undoubtedly a global, decentralized assortment of people and companies working collectively on an ever increasing wide scope of projects and potential use cases.

In an effort to unify and integrate this domain, our newest feature, CryptoSlate Places, is designed to organize and coordinate news, events, companies, and projects for localized blockchain hubs worldwide.

CryptoSlate Places
Source: CryptoSlate Places

How did we decide which locations to launch first?

We will begin by launching with 11 places with the inclusion of other locations in the near future. As CryptoSlate tracks over 1,900 cryptocurrencies and over 300 events, we identified where the most activity is happening. The initial places were selected by analyzing source location from 1,300+ news stories on CryptoSlate.

The places launching today include:

North America

CryptoSlate Seattle – Although the CryptoSlate headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, the city is still actively becoming a blockchain hub. Currently, home to over 40 companies, Seattle has seen a wave of large networking events since the inception of CryptoSlate, including Token Forum, Blockchain Seattle and Blockchain NW.

CryptoSlate Seattle
Source: CryptoSlate Seattle


CryptoSlate Malta – Also known as “Blockchain Island,” Malta has become one of the premier European hubs for blockchain activity. In the past several months, many exchanges have relocated to Malta, including Binance, OKex, and ZBX. The Malta Blockchain Summit in November of this year promises to further establish Malta as a world-leading blockchain center and will attract over 4,000 delegates across the globe.

CryptoSlate Malta
Source: CryptoSlate Malta

CryptoSlate Gibraltar – Gibraltar is currently home to numerous blockchain companies. As a British territory with a blockchain-friendly government and regulation for ICOs, Gibraltar has attracted many new startups and hosts many FinTech events, such as GibFin.

CryptoSlate Gibraltar
Source: CryptoSlate Gibraltar

CryptoSlate Switzerland – With Zug Valley affectionately known as “Crypto Valley”, numerous projects and foundations operate from Switzerland including the Ethereum foundation.

CryptoSlate Switzerland
Source: CryptoSlate Switzerland


CryptoSlate Thailand – Home to numerous blockchain startups including OmiseGo, Thailand has become increasingly crypto-friendly with the Bank of Thailand set to launch a state-issued digital currency.

 CryptoSlate Thailand
Source: CryptoSlate Thailand

CryptoSlate Korea – South Korea is the largest trading cryptocurrency trading market on earth and has one of the highest adoption rates.

CryptoSlate Korea
Source: CryptoSlate Korea

CryptoSlate China – Despite banning cryptocurrency trading and foreign events, there is still a substantial level of blockchain development and investing within the country.

CryptoSlate China
Source: CryptoSlate China

CryptoSlate Japan – Home to many large exchanges, Japan is another location known for its ultra-high adoption rate.

CryptoSlate Japan
Source: CryptoSlate Japan

CryptoSlate India – Although its government has had a restrictive attitude towards cryptocurrencies, there is an increasing amount of interest and activity happening inside of India.

CryptoSlate India
Source: CryptoSlate India

CryptoSlate Singapore – An island city-state off southern Malaysia, Singapore is quickly becoming a premier destination for blockchain companies and crypto projects.

CryptoSlate Singapore
Source:: CryptoSlate Singapore

Middle East

CryptoSlate Israel – Tel-Aviv is home to a large number of cryptocurrency projects and large companies such as eToro.

CryptoSlate Israel
Source: CryptoSlate Israel

CryptoSlate Goals

We are actively working to incorporate additional locations as CryptoSlate Places develops. Future places will include additional locations from North America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.

As we create more connections around the globe, we will better identify how we can help grow the communities in each region. The goals of CryptoSlate Places include:

  • Improve the organization of the vast amount of data and information about localized blockchain communities,
  • Tell original stories from people, companies and communities building or using blockchain technology.

Subscribe to Specific Places

On each CryptoSlate Places page, you can subscribe via email to a particular place, which will include a daily digest of local news, new events, projects, and companies.

Interested in being involved?

Please leave a comment or contact us directly if you are interested in being a correspondent or representing your location to support any recent or on-going blockchain news, projects, and events for CryptoSlate Places.

Visit the CryptoSlate Places home or any of the pages of eight places we are launching:

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