Alfa Romeo F1 team enters hyper-realistic Everdome Metaverse Alfa Romeo F1 team enters hyper-realistic Everdome Metaverse

Alfa Romeo F1 team enters hyper-realistic Everdome Metaverse

Alfa Romeo Formula One (F1) group Orlen has secured its first virtual real estate and will have a new home in the Everdome metaverse.

Alfa Romeo F1 team enters hyper-realistic Everdome Metaverse

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

Fans of Formula1 will be pleased to know that Alfa Romeo wants to leave its mark in the metaverse. Joining a sleuth of leading brands making their way into virtual worlds, Alfa Romeo is entering the Everdome metaverse to provide a new virtual experience for fans and the larger racing community. Alfa Romeo Formula One (F1) group Orlen will have a new home in the Everdome metaverse.

Using Ultra-HD photogrammetric scanning technology, Everdome wants to create hyper-realistic digital environments, powered by Epic Gamesโ€™ Unreal Engine 5. Users can create their own photo-realistic avatars and explore a digital landscape that is almost indistinguishable from our own.

Sports brands continue to enter the metaverse

The Metaverse is an ideal place to enhance the racing experience for fans, giving them a way to be interactive participants in the racing industry. Everdome is on a mission to develop the most hyper-practical metaverse that will unite brands and individuals to build a vibrant Web3 experience for everyone. Many of the major sporting brands that the public are familiar with are recognizing the potential of the metaverse and visualize a completely new way of communicating with their fans. This paired with the ongoing growth in land sales across various metaverses makes the prospect of occupying land very interesting for all brands.

Frรฉdรฉric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN said:

“We are taking a massive step to enter the metaverse, and Everdome has the expertise and technology we need to create a new sports-viewing, immersive experience. Everdome will allow us to leverage the team’s intellectual property with ease, deploying a hyper-realistic experience that will elevate everyday life by blurring the lines between reality and verse existence.”

.Meanwhile, Rob Gryn, CEO of Metahero and Everdome said:

“Joining the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN as their Official Partner is an honor, and an event that we feel will benefit both brands and teams going forward. The synergy between sports and future technology has never been more apparent – whereas engaging with a brand’s community and fanbase are priority #1. We feel this partnership will provide an opportunity for both Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN and Everdome to deliver for both communities.”

What does the partnership entail?

Through this partnership, Everdome will be providing Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN with a place where fans and the wider racing community will come to interact with the team and brand in the team’s own virtual real estate. Through the creation and help of nonfungible tokens, land deals, commercial centers and the greatest symbols available, Everdome will characterize life in the virtual world, giving a spot to brands and people to connect in the most noteworthy conceivable quality.

The Sauber Group of Companies manages and operates the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN. Since its founding in 1970, the passion for racing has been at the heart of Sauber. This innovative Swiss company has been developing race cars for championship series for over 50 years. The company launched a long-term partnership with Alfa Romeo in 2018 and, as it celebrates 30 years of competition in Formula One, it enters the 2022 championship under the team name Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN.

The metaverse is an open, virtual home for brands that wish to further engage their fans. Fans can expand on their role as a spectator and become an active participant in the Alfa Romeo community.

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