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Will the identity of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto be revealed on May 14th?

Will the identity of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto be revealed on May 14th?

A new website, Got Satoshi, claims to know the true identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The reveal is scheduled to happen today, on May 14, during the annual Consensus conference in New York. Probably created as a publicity stunt, the person behind the website got more than he bargained for when the wrath and ridicule of the crypto community descended upon him.

New website promises to show who Satoshi Nakamoto really is

While the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, still is and probably will remain unknown, there has never been a shortage of people claiming to be the creator(s) of Bitcoin. The latest high-profile figure that has tried to claim the Bitcoin throne was Craig Wright, the controversial creator of Bitcoin SV. Seeing how Wright’s assertions that he is, in fact, responsible for creating Bitcoin have widely been ridiculed, it’s likely that anyone making such a claim will face similar skepticism unless overwhelming evidence is provided.

Craig Wright’s evidence he’s Satoshi in unredacted court documents is a “lazy copy-paste job”
Related: Craig Wright’s evidence he’s Satoshi in unredacted court documents is a “lazy copy-paste job”

However, it seems that the judgment and ridicule Wright has faced did not deter Got Satoshi, a newly launched website that claims to be run by Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

The one-page website hosts a countdown timer that runs out on May 14, when the true identity of Satoshi will allegedly be revealed. The website itself is short on detail, but the person behind the page has been active on Twitter. The user posted random thoughts and updates on the progress of the countdown timer in just over 20 tweets but has not interacted with any of his 5,700 followers.

None of the usual suspects are Satoshi, website claims

While the Got Satoshi campaign failed to attract a large audience, many were left wondering what its purpose is. Guesses ranged from a marketing campaign for a sketchy ICO, an internet troll enjoying themselves, to John McAfee avoiding legal issues.

McAfee, the creator of the eponymous anti-virus software and Bitcoin maximalist, predicting that BTC will hit $1 million by 2020, has previously claimed to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Last month, he promised to either reveal his identity or try and persuade Nakamoto to do it himself, but has reportedly backed out of the effort to avoid “legal troubles.”

The person behind the Got Satoshi twitter account said McAffee might be aware of who he is, but has been firm in his assertion that he is not Craig Wright. Got Satoshi’s tweets were widely ridiculed, with many Twitter users doubting that Satoshi would announce his identity in such a sensationalist way.

The “reveal” is scheduled for 15:50 GMT on May 14, right in the middle of the annual Consensus conference in New York. And while the event won’t lack any drama, it will most likely lack the only proof that would convince everyone—the use of Satoshi’s private Bitcoin key.

See Got Satoshi’s (disappointing) grand reveal here.

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