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Bitcoin and Financial Wellbeing with Woman in Blockchain founder Lavinia Osbourne Bitcoin and Financial Wellbeing with Woman in Blockchain founder Lavinia Osbourne

Bitcoin and Financial Wellbeing with Woman in Blockchain founder Lavinia Osbourne

Osbourne caught up with Alex Fazel for the latest episode of crypto edutainment podcast Cryptonites.

Lavinia Osbourne is the founder and director of Butterfly Wealth Creation, a Holistic Financial Wellbeing and Money Mindfulness consultancy where she promotes financial well-being and money mindfulnessโ€”so that their clients can have a better relationship with their money, improve their personal finance and spread their financial wings to create wealth, preserve it and prosper.

Today, she caught up with Alex Fazel for the latest episode of the crypto edutainment podcast Cryptonites. They spoke on topics ranging from Bitcoin, to women in technology, to NFTs, to how cryptocurrencies can help change the world.

Hereโ€™s a snippet about what they spoke about.

What is Osbourneโ€™s work in crypto?

โ€œA platform to elevate women in the Blockchain sphere with the purpose to not only encourage other women to come into the industry and create a career in it but show them how other women have done it and are doing it.โ€

โ€œBlockchain is the future of business and money and it is important that we all take our place in it.โ€

โ€œOne of my passions is financial wellbeing and money mindfulness. I never thought of myself as a diversity advocate. But when I look back on my career, I’ve always been about women empowerment. So when I was teaching women, financial well-being money, mindfulness that was a focused on uplifting, empowering women with their finances. And so when you have clients and you’re talking to them about their relationship with money, you’re going to look at the past, the present, and the future.โ€

โ€œI hear people talking about diversity inclusivity gender equity, and it’s like within the blockchain space, and it’s like we must do something then. And so, I created a campaign is called 50,000 women into blockchain by 2023.โ€

Crypto, Bitcoin, and the promise of blockchains

โ€œI looked at the value chain, the supply chain, how the trackability the transparency, which is so important to me, and the traceability of not just Bitcoin but a blockchain. What that that? You know, that’s what blockchain does. It made me think about all the different ways people can use it to create wealth, and also financial inclusion.โ€

โ€œAnd the other key thing was about permission. With blockchain, you don’t have to ask permission, correct. That, for me, was so powerful, as a premise as an idea. I don’t have to ask permission to come into the space, there is no barrier to entry. The only barrier to entry is me. And I love that because as women, how many times do we have to ask permission? So that was when I was like I’m all down for blockchain.โ€

โ€œIf you’re looking to create wealth, if you are looking, to build your pension, if you’re looking to have financial independence and all the things that I talked about, within my financial well-being and money mindfulness coaching and consultancy.โ€

(Interested in a short glimpse into Osbourneโ€™s life before crypto? Want to know what he feels about the rest of the crypto market? Catch the rest of the Cryptonites podcast right below!)

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