Skepticism around TRON’s alleged partnership with Liverpool FC

Skepticism around TRON’s alleged partnership with Liverpool FC

Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON, recently announced a partnership with Liverpool FC. The announcement was met with great fanfare, but recent evidence calls into question whether the partnership is real.

On Apr. 24th, Justin Sun announced a partnership with Liverpool Football Club, the same club competes in the Premier League and won 5 European Cups.

As with other partnerships Sun has announced in the past, he described it as an “official partnership” and would provide more details soon.

However, according to Decrypt, a spokesperson for Liverpool FC denied that it had a partnership with TRON. Jesse Powell, the CEO of leading crypto exchange Kraken, suggested the partnership was from a “spam” sales email from the organization:

It’s possible that Justin Sun received one of these sales emails and spun it into a partnership with Liverpool FC, said Ben Munster in a thread discussing the development.

These tactics are not unusual in the cryptocurrency space. Especially during the ICO mania of 2017, if a project was purchasing services from a company like Microsoft or Amazon it was a “partnership.”

If a company was mentioned in an online publication it was a “media partnership.” Liberal use of this type of sales lingo built hype around premature blockchain companies, helping them raise absurd amounts of cash at outlandish valuations. And for TRON, it seems that the community has taken notice of the faux pas.

Considering Justin Sun’s predisposition towards perpetually marketing TRON, it wouldn’t be surprising if the “partnership” announcement with Liverpool FC was made prematurely.

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