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About CryptoCities

CryptoCities is a pioneering strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoCities are assets that you can collect, trade, and profit from over the long-run. Real towns, villages and cities are discovered over time and traded for profit. Fight battles, conquer territory, earn gold, and build your empire.

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CryptoCities Features & Specs

  • API: Other games will be able to integrate with CryptoCities via both the blockchain and a REST API. Using the API they will be able to query location, ownership, feature, and points information.
  • Developer Commissions: We believe developers should be rewarded for their work, so they will receive commission for asset sales made via their games. This commission system is built directly into our Ethereum smart contract.
  • Network Effect: A player that owns a location will automatically be able to use that location in every game that uses CryptoCities.
  • Limited Supply: There is a limited supply of locations in CryptoCities. During the discovery process we validated the coordinates of each location, ensuring that no duplicates existed, and checked that they appeared in Google Maps. Locations can’t be changed or destroyed, and less than 10,000 exist in the contract today.
  • Increasing Utility: As the number of players grow, locations will start to provide increasing utility.
  • Multiple Contracts: Cryptocities has a various smart contracts that implement different aspects of the game platform, such as location ownership, countries, the marketplace and dividends, city enhancement, etc.
  • Your Funds: Cryptocities doesn’t hold your funds, so we pay out all marketplace earnings immediately. This has been built directly into our smart contract.
  • Fee Optimized: Low marketplace fees at 3.9% in order to grow long-term adoption. Gas usage as low as 30k to 50k for most transactions.

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