XFLOKIVERSE Launches New Website for XRPL Metaverse Offering

XFLOKIVERSE Launches New Website for XRPL Metaverse Offering

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The metaverse-aligned project XFLOKIVERSE has today launched its new website platform, designed to provide its users with an entrypoint to the game – scheduled for pre-alpha release in January 2022.

With an array of informational landing pages, the website allows users to gain insights on the projectsโ€™ different facets, expanded in further detail in the whitepaper released last week. The XFLOKIVERSE aims to be the number one metaverse project on the XRP Ledger, utilising the Unreal Engine 3D creation tool for as of yet unseen photoreal visuals in the NFT gaming world.

New XFLOKIVERSE.com platform goes live to users

Website To Be Connected to Metaverse Environment in 2022

An enterprise website platform has been rolled out in order to provide the foundations for the projectsโ€™ development prospects from here onwards. The XFLOKIVERSE game will provide the entry to users new and old to get insights on the game, or any news and updates. The site has been created with the use of optimised content, providing a genuine contender in the metaverse environment from design to delivery. The site has been built to allow connectivity to the game upon its development.

Providing a plethora of original, organic content was at the forefront of the teamsโ€™ ideals when having the site built, and the rollout of the site’s initial structure is the starting point for a further content strategy – both onpage and offpage. The site will now be tested with live user data and conversion-based optimisations made thereafter, with the idea of creating a click funnel from site to game, amongst other tech and marketing goals mentioned within the roadmap.

Whatโ€™s next for XFLOKIVERSE?

Development of the new website platform is very much at the start of proposed plans, with a series of updates coming to the XFLOKIVERSE Dashboard over the holiday season. The season-themed โ€œHoliday Eggsโ€ will be distributed over the coming weeks in the lead up to Christmas. The fanfare of free eggs has already provided a certain level of christmas spirit amongst the community, with the much anticipated Christmas Egg top of the list for many XFLOKIVERSIANS.

A collection of eggs on the XFLOKIVERSE Dashboard

The First Hatch is set to be a huge event in the XFLOKIVERSE with the first egg titled โ€œThe Beginningโ€ hatching in 11 days. The hatching will reveal XFLOKI that must be hatched through an incubator (bought by XFLOKIs) and in the broader sense hatch over time based on the quality of the incubator, planet, and boosts. Further information regarding planets, their significance and the hierarchy between them will also be released over the coming weeks.

In terms of marketing, the team is utilising a variety of digital marketing methods including Crypto SEO and a variety of content types. The team has chosen to keep a lot of its marketing endeavours up its sleeve until the right time – whilst ensuring timely rollouts of all dev, exchange listing and marketing arrangements across the board. A preference has been taken to under-promise and over-deliver across all pillars of the proposition, with the development of the game and the utility within it being at the forefront of XFLOKIVERSE ideals.

Game Scheduled for Pre-Alpha Release to Selected Holders

All of the implementations conducted on the project to date are all with the mind of promoting and launching the game in January 2022. The game will be rolled out in tiers to holders as per their holdings of XFLOKI, XFLOKIs and XFLOKIVERSE – with exact parameters of pre-alpha to be released shortly. It’s a given that higher tiers will be able to access first, however the exact number for the tiers and the respective rollout dates for holders is to be confirmed over the christmas period.

The platform will be continually updated with new content and updates to keep XFLOKIVERSIANS informed, including game based updates via the blog page. The XFLOKIVERSE Twitter is also providing daily updates in the form of item descriptions, plus a hilarious engagement with David Schwartz recently providing some key Ripple profiles with awareness of the XFLOKIVERSE!

The updated website and the commencing of proposed content and outreach strategies is just the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xflokiverse

Telegram: https://t.me/XFLOKIVERSE

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