Women in Blockchain Talks launches inclusive events to demystify NFTs

Women in Blockchain Talks launches inclusive events to demystify NFTs
  • First event will feature Itzel Yard – the highest selling female NFTs artist
  • Second event with industry and legal experts will allow participants to learn about NFTs and make their own
  • Women in Blockchain Talks aims to amplify underrepresented voices in blockchain

14, 07, 2021: Women in Blockchain Talks (WiBT), the UKโ€™s number 1 female-led blockchain education and networking platform, today announces a series of July events to encourage marginalized groups to engage in, and understand, creating NFTs. On the 21st of July, their monthly flagship event will feature Itzel Yard, an Afro-Carribean artist who is known on NFT platforms as IX Shells, whoโ€™s artwork โ€œDreaming at Duskโ€ sold for $2million, with proceeds benefiting the non-profit Tor Project. On the 28th, WiBT will also be holding a Masterclass Workshop to allow participants to learn about and create their own NFTs, featuring prominent NFT experts, including Masha Vyazemskaya from leading NFT platform Rarible, which will be hosting a pop up marketplace for the NFTs to be sold following the event.

NFTs are the next step for WiBT, which is campaigning to bring 50,000 women into blockchain by 2023. The campaign encourages women to sign up to the WiBT campaign and community in order to learn more about the personal, career and financial growth opportunities blockchain can provide. Even compared to the wider tech industry (34%), women are vastly underrepresented within blockchain (12%). WiBT aims to provide inspiration, advice and mentorship to women, and other marginalized groups, so that they can find their own place within the industry.

Lavinia D Osbourne, Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks said: โ€œNFTs present a real opportunity for artists, musicians and creatives to claim back the power over their pieces and make a living from them.

โ€œWe want to give the confidence to anyone โ€“ regardless of age, gender, nationality or background โ€“ to blaze their own personal or professional trail within the industry, and NFTs are the next piece in the puzzle.โ€


About Itzel Yard

@ix.shells is a generative artist based in the Caribbean – Panama. Their constant research is fueled by a sense of rhythm, passion and wonder.

Itzel Yard holds the title of highest selling woman in the NFT space and at pair with contemporary artists with the artwork produced for @torproject โ€œDreaming at Duskโ€ (2021) sold for 500ETH (~two million dollars at the time of auction, May 14) Her work was recently auction at @christiesinc in the curated Proof Of Sovereignty by @yesladypheonix

Most of her work can be found @withfoundation. Itโ€™s currently projecting at the museum Francisco Carolinum Linz in Austria @ooe.art and upcoming shows include @unitdrops in London @vellum_la in los Angeles California

About Lavinia D Osbourne

Lavinia D. Osbourne is a fresh voice in blockchain. Through WiBT she has been nominated for a National Diversity Award for Community Organisation, as well as for Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award by The Inclusive Companies Awards 2020, and as an individual she has been recognised as an industry leader by winning a Women in Tech100 Award. Passionate about bringing blockchain back to its egalitarian ideals of equal opportunity for all, Lavinia works tirelessly to break down barriers and open doors by raising up underrepresented voices.

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