Virtual Real Estate Fever Spreads: Upland Expands to Berlin, Unveiling New Opportunities

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain-based gaming, Upland has emerged as a leader in virtual property trading games that continue to captivate audiences with continued innovation, growth, and feature expansion.ย 

Virtual Real Estate Fever Spreads: Upland Expands to Berlin, Unveiling New Opportunities

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Described as “Monopoly on the blockchain,” Upland combines the thrill of real estate acquisition with the innovation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the EOS blockchain platform.

This immersive experience allows players to buy, sell, and trade virtual properties, construct their metaverse empires, build structures, enter cafes, socialize with the community, and unlock exclusive features based on their net worth.

Mapping the real world into the virtual realm

One of the defining features of Upland is its ability to bridge the virtual and real worlds. Players can own and trade virtual properties in real-world locations such as San Francisco, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires and soon Berlin.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Upland seamlessly maps virtual properties to their real-world counterparts, offering players a unique opportunity to explore and invest in iconic locations and making it the largest metaverse mapped to the real world.

With over 3 million registered users, 5 million NFTs have been sold. Among these 3 million users, 307K can call themselves virtual property owners in the virtual Upland world.


  • Did you know?
  • Did you know that the long-awaited expansion to Berlin in the Upland virtual world is happening on June 9, at 10 AM PT?
  • Traveling the Upland Universe

Upland presents players with a progressive status system, where their net worth determines the exclusive features they can access. Starting as a “Visitor,” players embark on a journey to amass a net worth of 10,000 UPX, (in-game currency), to claim true ownership of digital assets.

As players rise through the ranks, they unlock exciting new possibilities and challenges, encouraging them to continually expand their virtual empires.

Exploration is a core aspect of Upland, allowing players to traverse different regions and cities. Whether it’s hopping on a plane, boarding a bus, or catching a train, players can travel to their desired destinations within the Upland universe.

This dynamic world enables players to experience diverse virtual landscapes and uncover hidden treasures as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Earning and monetizing in Upland

Upland offers a multitude of avenues for players to earn in-game currency and potentially generate real-world value. Property ownership forms the foundation of income, as players can earn visit fees from other players who visit their properties.

Additionally, trading properties, completing collections, participating in treasure hunts, and listing properties for sale in USD all provide opportunities for players to increase their wealth within the Upland metaverse.

Upland transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming, positioning itself as a gamified business and entrepreneur experience. By combining elements of virtual real estate, NFT collections, and economic strategies, Upland offers players a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a dynamic and ever-expanding digital economy.

As the game evolves, Upland’s upcoming feature, Metaventures, promises to push the boundaries even further, introducing new avenues for players to explore and monetize their virtual assets.

Expanding the virtual world to Berlin

Mark your calendars for Friday, June 9th, at 10 AM PT, as Upland unveils Berlin, a bustling city with approximately 19,500 properties spread across eight vibrant neighborhoods. More parcels will be added to the city in the future, providing ample opportunities for expansion and growth within the metropolis.

Berlin is classified as a large-sized, medium-priced city within Upland’s city tier system, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

It features an airport and a train terminal, offering convenient transportation options for exploring and expanding your digital empire.

To celebrate the launch of Berlin, Upland is hosting a community meet-up at the LVL World of Gaming venue on Friday, June 9th, from 18:00-21:00 CEST. This exclusive event promises a night of jubilation, networking opportunities, Upland swag, NFAT drops, and freeย  food and drinks.

It’s the perfect chance to connect with fellow Uplanders, share strategies, and forge new alliances. Don’t forget to experience the special block explorer, which will undoubtedly enhance your understanding and appreciation of Upland’s blockchain-based gameplay.

On Friday, June 16th, at 9 AM PT, Upland will reveal the collections available for the Berlin City release.


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Tips for success in Upland

To make the most of your Upland experience, here are some valuable insights::

  1. Buy your first property using the 6,000 UPX bonus received upon registration. This initial investment will lay the foundation for your digital empire.
  2. Complete the Newbie collection, which not only earns you additional bonus UPX but also enhances your property yield, boosting your income potential.
  3. Expand your Upland empire by purchasing more UPX. These tokens enable you to acquire additional properties and unlock new opportunities within the game.
  4. Keep an eye out for car sales in Upland. Owning a car expands your mobility, allowing you to explore the virtual world with ease.
  5. Take advantage of Spark sales to acquire in-game tokens, enabling you to construct structures on your properties. These developments can significantly increase their value and revenue potential.
  6. Cafes provide a gathering place for new users to meet the vibrant Upland community. Engage, network, and learn from experienced players who can share their insights and guide you on your journey.


Upland’s Berlin city launch event is a milestone in the world of virtual property trading and blockchain gaming. By signing up using this link and receiving the 6,000 UPX bonus, you gain a competitive edge in building your digital empire.

With strategic investments, completing collections, and actively participating in the Upland community, you have the opportunity to shape your success in this ever-expanding metaverse. Don’t miss outโ€”join Upland today and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar in the virtual realm of Berlin!