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Unicrypt Network Is Moving Its Suite of Services to xDai

Unicrypt Network Is Moving Its Suite of Services to xDai

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UniCrypt network is set to move its whole suite of services to xDai, a stable payments sidechain on Ethereum built for faster and inexpensive transactions.

The xDai migration will enable Unicrypt to deploy super easily and offer all its services everywhere. It will also introduce support for HoneySwap, a move that will launch the UniCrypt series.

This upcoming development, scheduled for the end of February, will facilitate the launching of projects on the Unicrypt decentralized launchpad and seamless locking of liquidity. Any DeFi project can use the launchpad to run their presale just like any token is free to list on Uniswap.

xDai is the ideal crypto for everyday transactions and offers a stable token for payments ($1 USD per xDai). The solidity language on xDai will ensure that Unicrypt services such as their liquidity lockers and yield farming dApp are fully operational.

Once support for HoneySwap is complete, the project will do the same with SushiSwap, then PancakeSwap (BSC support). These developments will lead up to support for DODO.

The decision to move to the xDai Chain will benefit Unicrypt with extremely low fees and swift payments. By migrating to xDai, the Unicrypt project, which currently boasts over $145M in liquidity locked, is primed to continue capturing investors’ attention with its unique, autonomous ecosystem.

Unicrypt: A Haven For Yield Farming Opportunities

The revolutionary UniCrypt project presents liquidity providers an opportunity to earn passive income by making crypto contributions to liquidity pools.

Using the platform’s yield farming dApp, investors earn a reward of 0.3% of the fees generated from lending funds to Uniswap pools. Users can also actively propose new token pairs to be integrated into the network for profit maximization. 

Project teams incentivize investors to stake by providing sufficient liquidity for their Uniswap pairs at all times. The blockchain-powered project also plans to introduce staking for any  token and facilitate holders of the Unicrypt native token (UNCL) to stake and earn lucrative rewards. 

The Uniswap Decentralized Launchpad Platform

Unicrypt recently launched its decentralized, autonomous, and scalable launchpad to counter the continued loss of trust in new DeFi projects. The launchpad, which is set to usher in the era of decentralized presales, moved to mainnet after it was successfully audited by chainsulting

New projects looking to start their journey can now launch their presale on a fair, automated, and highly scalable platform. Since Unicrypt allows whitelisted auditors to monitor new projects for suspicious activities, investors can be sure that they are putting their money in highly credible ventures.

However, since the launchpad is fully autonomous and decentralized, the Unicrypt team has no say on which tokens are listed. Therefore, all investors must do thorough research on all projects and examine each token just as they would on Uniswap.

Projects that choose to run their presale on Unicrypt will get the best possible environment to start their journey and gain instant investor confidence. They also won’t have to worry about lack of funding, promotions, and support or have to endure unnecessary scrutiny that is often imposed by centralized launchpads. 

Restoring Investor Confidence in DeFi

Unicrypt is looking to bring an end to the menacing issue of Defi scams with the introduction of its liquidity lockers. This concept involves using smart contracts that allow project teams to publicly lock liquidity on Uniswap for a fixed period as a deterrent against rug pulls or exit scams.

Unicrypt is currently the only product and browser that allows investors to lock liquidity while facilitating liquidity migration to Uniswap V3. Each liquidity locker is designed to boost investor trust by offering critical details about any project, such as the total value locked and lapsing date.

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