Saga Announces the Launch of Pegasus

Saga Announces the Launch of Pegasus

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San Francisco, California, October 30th, 2023, Chainwire – Highly Anticipated Incentivized Testnet Leads Latest Milestones that Include SAGA Token Airdrop and 282 Saga Innovator Projects from Layer-1 Protocol

The wait is over. Saga, a leading Layer-1 protocol and developer ecosystem in web3 gaming, today launched their Incentivized Testnet, named Pegasus, giving game creators even more freedom to unleash their creative expression on Saga. The kickoff is the first step leading to a six-part launch sequence for the full-featured Saga Protocol V1 Mainnet scheduled for early 2024 that will unblock developers and consumers from realizing blockchain’s true potential.

First revealed at the Saga Multiverse Summit in August, Pegasus has undergone accelerated development from its original roadmap to support both Saga’s Innovators and partners. The Saga Protocol offers an integrated stack of automated, high-performance, gasless, interoperable and customizable chains, called Chainlets. The Saga Chainlet Realm will be the main Realm on the protocol. Earlier this year, Saga unveiled Realms, the technical manifestation of the Saga Multiverse – Saga’s platform that allows disparate tech stacks and IPs to deploy on the protocol and interact with each other through parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains.

Saga Realms enables developers to launch customizable chains on Saga with different features and services such as technology stack, security source and various obligations for those sources. Under the framework of Realms, the standard Saga Chainlet became one Realm of many that will be supported in the near future, including those for our partners at Ethereum (Ethlets), Polygon, Avalanche, Celestia, XPLA and many others. Today’s launch will support configurable Realms out of the gate.

The Pegasus Incentivized Testnet features the Saga Chainlet Realm and the following architectural components necessary for all other Realms to be onboarded. Together, the security chain and the platform chain will constitute the Saga Mainnet.

  • Security chain – serves as the first of many security sources for the Saga protocol
  • Platform chain – the destination where developers launch and maintain their Chainlets
  • Chainlet – the area where all apps live and end-user activities happen. The first Chainlet stack will be an EVM-based Chainlet to support the large Solidity and Ethereum ecosystem, but the goal is to be VM-agnostic to allow developers to deploy in whatever environment they prefer

Saga recognizes its strength lies in its community. As part of the Incentivized Testnet launch, Saga is rolling out a campaign whereby developers, end users, validators, and members of their community who participate in launch quests and exhibit helpful behaviors for the Saga ecosystem will be part of an airdrop* of SAGA tokens. The first group to receive tokens are Saga’s Innovators – developers currently building on Saga – the heart and soul of the protocol who will require the most lead-time to complete their quest. Details of the Innovators quest requirements are available on Saga’s Medium, along with their tokenomics, claims process for airdrops and any additional incentives connected to the launch. Saga will be adding quest details for the community in the coming weeks.

“Saga has the best community any protocol could ask for. Seeing our Innovators showcasing their creativity in this Incentivized Testnet, we are more positioned for success than ever,” said Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder and CEO of Saga. “We have seen incredible gaming apps get to demo-able state and cannot wait to take them live on the Saga platform. We are fully committed to do everything we can to support their growth.”

Saga also revealed the members of Cohort 5, the latest class of Innovators welcomed into the Saga ecosystem, with a diverse representation of global game developers. The induction of this latest group brings the number of Innovator projects to 282, with over 300 expected to be in the program by the Mainnet launch in 2024. The full list and individual information about Cohort 5 is available here.

*Note: The airdrop is not and will not be available to U.S. persons (or persons acting on behalf of U.S. persons). In order to participate in the airdrop, a person or entity must not be a U.S. Person as defined in Rule 902 under the United States Securities Act of 1933 or a U.S. person within the meaning Section 7701(a)(30) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. A full terms and conditions for participation in the airdrop will be made available as part of the claims process.

About the Saga Protocol

Saga is a Layer-1 protocol that allows developers to automatically spin up parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains that elastically scale with their Web3 application needs. Using shared security, cutting-edge validator orchestration and an automated deployment pipeline standardized across any kind of blockchain VM, Saga makes launching a dedicated chain, or Chainlet, as easy as deploying a smart contract. It is the only E2E developer platform in Web3 that meets the three core developer needs: easy to deploy, affordable and fast/scalable.

About Saga

Saga is recognized as one of the best developer ecosystems in crypto, and probably the best in web3 gaming. Its mission is to help creators unblock themselves and build where blockspace is at its most plentiful and simple. Saga dismantled then rebuilt mainframes in a new way to create the developer environment of the future.

The company was founded in 2022 by Web3 visionaries Rebecca Liao, Jin Kwon, Jacob McDorman and Bogdan Alexandrescu. Early seed investors include Maven11, Longhash, Samsung, Com2uS and Polygon. Originally built on Cosmos, Saga has furthered its presence by bringing typically disparate but the best ecosystems into its Saga Multiverse through ongoing strategic partnerships. To date, 282 projects are being built by nearly 1,500 developers on Saga through the project’s Innovator Program.

To learn more about the Saga protocol, visit Saga’s: Official Website | Litepaper | Developer Documentation.

Be sure to join Saga’s Discord and Telegram and follow Saga on Twitter for the latest news and updates.


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