RADA IEO Sets Crypto Community Abuzz As Markets Open On ProBit Global

RADA IEO Sets Crypto Community Abuzz As Markets Open On ProBit Global

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After three successful IEO rounds, ProBit Global is excited to announce its latest listing; RADA (Rookie and DAO). By introducing a decentralized approach to club management, the RADA Foundation aims to become a model for fair operations and talent development for football leagues across the globe. Letโ€™s take a look at why RADA IEO was successful and how you can benefit by buying into this revolutionary project.

Learn & Earn: RADA IEO Kicks Off On ProBit Global

The RADA IEO campaign commenced with a thrilling installment of Learn & Earn. As ProBit Globalโ€™s learning platform focused on giving users the chance to get up to speed on the latest projects, users were able to gain a basic understanding of what the RADA project entails, from the RADA Foundation to the DAO, as well as the benefits of buying into the project. This first touchpoint also gave users the chance to earn project tokens by taking a quiz after reading up on the project, incentivizing early adoption. A total of 300,000 RADA tokens were allocated to users in less than 5 days, indicating a high level of interest around the project, and laying the foundation for a highly successful IEO.

Telegram AMA: RADA Project Team Engages with the ProBit Global community

Next up was an informative and engaging AMA hosted by ProBit Global, featuring founding members from the RADA team. This highly anticipated event was yet another chance for interested users to earn a share of RADA tokens while gaining valuable project insights from the project leaders. The response from ProBit Global users was incredible โ€” close to 1,000 Telegram users tuned in to this exciting event, while the accompanying Twitter campaign recorded well over 10,000 impressions, spreading the RADA message far and wide. Users came armed with a wide range of questions, all answered adeptly by the project team and bolstering the credibility of the project itself.

Exchange Listings

While RADAโ€™s listing on ProBit Global marks the first of many milestones, further listings on reputable exchanges bode well for the project, with more partnerships planned for the future.

Understanding the RADA DAO and Foundation

The RADA project consists of a DAO and Foundation. The RADA DAO is the core of the RADA ecosystem, and forms the backbone of the RADA Foundation. The Foundation supports fundraising, development and management of the Web3 DAO platform, while DAO members handle projects within the platform. It facilitates proposals and voting on new projects, as well as important decision-making processes within ongoing projects.

Empowering The RADA Community

As a RADA holder, youโ€™ll be able to own a piece of a European football club. Being part of the RADA DAO entails fan engagement and participation, enabling supporters to have a say in club governance and decision-making processes. The Foundation allocates token rewards to the DAO community, allowing members to enjoy greater benefits.

RADA’s implementation of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology in football club management will create a transparent, democratic, and efficient process that will increase trust and engagement between the club and its supporters.

โ€‹โ€‹Support the integration of blockchain in sports and entertainment and trade RADA on ProBit Global to change the future of football today. Be one of the first to join the RADA DAO and get exclusive access to exciting benefits.


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