Hacken tokenizes its equity. HAI token holders can become shareholders

Hacken tokenizes its equity. HAI token holders can become shareholders

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Madrid, Spain, March 13th, 2024, Chainwire — Hacken, a blockchain security auditor, announces the tokenization of its equity linked to the company`s native token, $HAI – a work-to-earn, product-utility, and governance token. It allows existing or new $HAI holders to exchange their assets for Hacken Equity Shares ($HES). This move makes Hacken the first crypto company that has enabled its community to own part of the real business.

10% of the company’s equity is brought onto the Ethereum blockchain as tokenized assets that can be exchanged for 100 million $HAI. Each Hacken Equity Share is valued at 1 million $HAI, with 100 shares available at varying fiat prices due to asset volatility. Hacken claims 87% of the acquired $HAI tokens will be burned.

This strategic move is part of Hacken’s aspiration to become a publicly traded company in the future. Tokenization is set to bring more accountability and transparency while establishing a tight connection between its native token and its business ecosystem. In turn, it also provides private investors with an option to enrich their crypto portfolio with DeFi assets linked to the real business, which grants it the stability and low-risk characteristics of TradFi.

RWA is the first step towards the public organization status for Hacken. The next steps are as follows:

Authorized Secondary RWA Market after the tokenization round ends.

  • Seizing exit opportunities during equity buybacks at the next investment Hacken rounds.
  • IPO as a strategic goal for 2027.

The above commitments open room for classic exit strategies for future shareholders.

The technical implementation of Hacken`s tokenization is done by the asset tokenization protocol Brickken. Tokenized Hacken equity is brought to the Ethereum chain and is available on Brikken`s RWA marketplace for all KYC-verified investors. The first $HAI holders to diversify their portfolio with Hacken Equity Share will do so on the most beneficial conditions because of asset volatility.

This private equity offering not only shows an example of merging digital assets with real-world value but also brings a new context to a broader financial ecosystem.

“Embarking on the next level of the Web3 journey, Hacken pioneers a new precedent where token investment transcends digital realms to become integral in real-world deals. Our commitment to RWA tokenization signifies more than a strategic move; it marks a transformative shift, fostering cohesion, diversity, and connectivity within our community. It means a broader evolution in how private crypto investors engage with blockchain projects.” states Dyma Budorin, Co-Founder and CEO of Hacken.

About Hacken

Hacken is a trusted blockchain security auditor that delivers high-quality solutions at every level of blockchain security. Hacken`s services include Smart Contract Audit, Blockchain Protocol Audit, dApp Audit, Penetration Testing, and CCSS Audit. Its product portfolio features HackenProof bug bounties, cybersecurity ranking, and Extractor on-chain monitoring.

Since its inception in 2017, Hacken has evolved from a white-hat hacking startup into an established security partner for over 1500 blockchain-based projects. Today, Hacken collaborates and works with top DeFi players such as 1inch, MetaMask, ShapeShift, Unicrypt, and PolkaStarter; most promising blockchain protocols such as NEAR, Linea and Radix; key centralized exchanges like OKX, and KuCoin; Web3 gaming projects like Sandbox and Enjin. Moreover, Hacken is among the few Web3 companies working with the public sector and traditional enterprises: European Blockchain Services Infrastructure by the EU Commission, digital banking leaders such as Revolut and Nubank, and major businesses like Anglo American and Arcelik.

Hacken`s strategic goal is to evolve into a publicly listed company in the future, blending equity and token capitalization for a pioneering model.



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