James Kirkham

Founder at ICONIC

James Kirkham Bio

James Kirkham serves as the CEO and founder of ICONIC, an entertainment enterprise focused on helping brands harness the power of popular culture in transformative ways. With an extensive background spanning various facets of marketing—from digital and social to sports and music—Kirkham is a versatile leader in the industry.

Early Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kirkham’s professional journey began at the young age of 23 when he founded Holler, a digital marketing agency. Displaying an uncanny ability for business development and strategic marketing, his venture caught the attention of the Publicis Group, which acquired Holler in 2010.

A Storied Career in Brand Strategy

Before assuming his current role at ICONIC, Kirkham held significant positions that have shaped his expansive skill set. He served as Chief Business Officer at Defected Records, contributing to the label’s commercial growth and strategic vision. His experience also includes a term as CBO at COPA90, a football media business, where he forged successful collaborations with big-name brands such as Uber, Budweiser, Nike, and Pepsi.

The ICONIC Era: Fusing Brands and Culture

At ICONIC, Kirkham is spearheading efforts to bridge the gap between brands and popular culture. The company stands as a testament to his lifelong commitment to innovative marketing strategies. Under his leadership, ICONIC aims to redefine how brands interact with and utilize cultural phenomena, providing a radical yet effective approach to engagement.

James Kirkham’s career is a blend of entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and hands-on marketing expertise. As he continues to lead ICONIC, he brings to the table not just years of experience but an unyielding passion for pushing the boundaries of what brands can achieve in the entertainment landscape.

James Kirkham News

James Kirkham Current Work

  • ICONIC Founder

James Kirkham Previous Work

  • Defected Records Chief Business Officer Jan 2020 - Apr 2022
  • BIgball Media Head of Copa90 Jan 2016 - Apr 2022
  • Leo Burnett Global Head Social and Mobile Jun 2013 - Oct 2015
  • Holler Co Founder Feb 2001 - Oct 2015

James Kirkham Education

  • University of Wolverhampton, BA (Hons), Graphic Design and Multimedia, 1996 - 1999

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