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CryptoKitties Keeps With Ethereum and Goes Open-Source

CryptoKitties Keeps With Ethereum and Goes Open-Source

One of the premier dApps on the Ethereum blockchain last year, CryptoKitties played a central role in bringing global attention to cryptocurrencies. In line with the open-source promise of Ethereum, CryptoKitties is releasing a set of new updates to give users and developers more rights on the platform.

Community Orientation: KittyVerse, Nifty License, and Nifty Kitty Program

Announced on June 26, 2018, CryptoKitties updated its terms of service to be more lenient and unveiled its open-source Nifty License, allowing developers to build new features upon the CryptoKitty core code without having to relinquish ownership rights to their digital assets.

Stated in the CryptoKitties blog post:

This open-sourced license demystifies the ownership rights of ERC-721 tokens when it comes to things like art. Essentially, it allows any cryptocollectible project to take the foundation we have laid and build upon it.

To further promote third-party development, CrypoKitties released the Nifty Kitty Program – a funding pool for projects leveraging the Nifty License to build upon the platform and contribute to the growing CryptoKitty ecosystem of games and tools.

“We’ve already enrolled a few projects, and this is how we currently envision the program working: we’ll give the projects a small loan they repay via revenue, and we’ll invite them to CryptoKitties HQ (on our dime) for an on-site working session.”

Launched last week, these new initiatives aim to foster a community-friendly foundation for what CryptoKitties coined, the KittyVerse, an ecosystem of community-made games, tools, and projects that add to the crypto-collectibles experience.

Responding to community criticism for its previously centralized copyrights, CryptoKitties is now opening its doors to the public with an open-source API, developer toolkit, and user-friendly terms of service.

Aligned with the decentralized model of Ethereum, CryptoKitties expressed intentions to “empower” community creations:

“With the Nifty Kitty Program — and the KittyVerse as a whole — we want to empower this larger experience in a win-win scenario, one where community creators can profit from the incredible experiences they’re building on top of CryptoKitties.”

As a vessel for cryptocurrency mass adoption and blockchain awareness, CryptoKitties has taken on a rather significant community role in conveying the promise of blockchain-based dApps.

CryptoKitties Come of Age With $12 Million in Venture Funding
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With these new updates, CryptoKitties positions itself with the vision of Ethereum as a decentralized, community-oriented platform.

In March, CryptoKitties raised $12 million in venture funding. According to VentureBeat, CryptoKitties gained 1.5 million users and conducted more than $40 million in transactions since March of this year.

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